How to Have the Hottest Legs

Legs play a crucial role in the beauty of a woman. Most women love to show off their legs, whether wearing a skirt, shorts, swimsuit or a bathing suit. If your legs are in perfect shape, they are surely going to help you enhance your personality and confidence. Some women believe that having hot legs is just about removing hair. However, this is not true and you have to take into account a number of factors.

If you can shape up your legs nicely, you will look much better wearing skirts in your day to day life and will be more confident about your overall appearance.


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    Get rid of the fats

    Fat can be a big turn-off anywhere in the body but it is even more important to avoid fat on the legs. In order to get rid of the fat, you need to take a number of steps including a better diet and exercise.

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    Your diet has a direct impact on each and every part of your body, including legs. Therefore, you should look to have nutritious and healthy stuff instead of junk food. Vegetables and fruits are very beneficial, and in order to make your skin shine even more, it is crucial to maintain proper water intake. Most health experts believe that one should have at least eight glasses of water per day.

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    Exfoliate your legs

    You need to exfoliate your legs to remove layers of dead skin. This will even out the skin on your legs, which will also help you shave off hair smoothly. You should exfoliate your legs a night before you shave them.

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    Shave your legs

    You must wax or shave your legs regularly because hair on legs is one of the biggest turn-offs. While taking a hot bath or shower, you need to wet your legs thoroughly to soften hair before you shave.

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    Use a moisturising lotion

    If the skin on your legs is dry, they will look unappealing when bared. Therefore, you must apply a moisturising lotion on your body after a hot shower, especially on the legs, to prevent dry skin.

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    During workout, you should focus on thigh and calf muscles. However, do not use heavy weights because you are not looking to gain muscle mass. Light weights are always preferred to shape your body.

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