How to Turn Sunburn into a Tan

Getting your skin sunburn can be very troublesome but you can take advantage of the situation and turn it in your favour. Once your skin is sunburned, you can convert into an effective tan by following certain steps. Actually you have to heal your burned skin as quickly as possible and it will look like tanned skin afterwards. Sunburn actually happens when the top layers of your skin cells get dehydrated and if not cured immediately, multiple layers of your skin can peel off. You have to hydrate your skin cell very quickly so that your skin don’t peel off and after you have performed certain steps, you will get a well-tanned golden brown skin.


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    Sunburn will cause immediate irritation on your skin and you will feel heat coming out of the affected area. You have to cool the sunburned skin instantly. Take a very cool shower or keep pouring cool water on the affected portion of your skin. This is to prevent the lower layers of skin to get damaged.

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    Aloe vera has natural nutrients needed to repair and rejuvenate your skin. You can easily find aloe vera gel from any beauty store and you have to use it after you have taken the cool shower. Apply thin layer of the get onto the burned area and you will immediately feel a soothing and cooling effect.

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    If you have an aloe vera plant at home, you can direct use its juice, rather than purchasing the gel from the market. Cut a thick leaf of the plant, incise it from the centre and squeeze it with your hands to extract the juice from it. Apply this juice to the affected areas of your skin after taking the bath.

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    Essential oils can also be used for this purpose but it is the difficulty of finding the pure essential oils in the market. If you have access to the essential oils, you can effectively use Lavender oil or eucalyptus oil to apply on your burned skin. You have to add only few drops of essential oils into a cup of water and put the mixture to a clean spray bottle. Shake the bottle and spray it onto the skin.

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    You should wear loose and soft clothes, as tighter clothing will irritate your fragile, burned skin.

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    Before going to bed, you have to apply aloe vera gel or the essential oils spray once again, so that your skin gets healed while you sleep.

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    Take another cool bath when you wake up next morning.

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    Moisturizing is extremely vital for damaged skin and you have to use a good quality hypoallergenic moisturizer after taking the bath. Keep applying the moisturizer at least once every day.

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