Proactiv Solutions 29.95 And Murad Acne Complex Kit 29.99: Which to Choose?

With thousands of products on the market right now that are designed to specifically treat acne, one can understandably be clueless about where to turn. There is the regular, over the counter, grocery store type of stuff like Noxzema and Oxy. There’s the prescription stuff like Retin-A and Accutane. And then there is the mail order stuff that we see on TV. How do we know what is right for our particular skin? It has come to my conclusion that the answer to this question can only be determined by trial and error, but to help educate readers on the specific brand names, what they stand for, and how they work, I have done some research, to first look at the last group of products, the one’s sold on late night television. And after viewing the commercials and their website, talking to others, and having a personal experience with them, here is what I have discovered when comparing two of the most popular adult acne skin care prevention regimes available today, through mail order only, Proactiv Solution, 29.95, and Murad Acne Complex Kit , 29.99.

Proactiv Solution, 29.95, and the Murad Acne Complex Kit, 29.99, are both a series of related adult acne skin care products that were developed particularly to prevent and treat acne and blemishes. Although the two groups of products use completely different ingredients, the way they work as well as the inventing doctors’ goals behind the product, I found, were very similar in nature.

Proactiv Solution , 29.95 was invented by two women, Dr. Katy Rodin and Kathy Fields, who met in dermatology school at Stanford University and after many years of discussing a plan to help today’s society cope with inevitable acne problems, eventually met back up to open a clinic and sell the Proactiv formula. The Murad Acne Complex Kit, 29.99, just one in his long line of self titled brand products, is the child of Dr. Murad, a Dermatologist, Pharmacist and Associate Professor of Dermatology, UCLA. After seeing several thousand patients at his dermatological practice in El Segundo, California, Murad had direct insight into how the skin works and how to prevent the acne breakouts from occurring.

Drs. Rodin and Fields, as well as Dr. Murad, seemed to have come to a similar conclusion: There are more than one different problems in the facial and bodily area that all manifest themselves as acne look alikes. The only difference in viewpoint, however, is with the fact that the two women doctors tended to believe that what people termed “blemishes” and “pimples” and all other names for breakouts is all really the same thing, acne. Dr. Murad, on the other hand, according to the infomercial, saw the various-similar skin problems and used the term acne as a simple broad name to encompass a very many number of acne-related skin issues like Rosacea and blackheads. While these two differing viewpoints are important when analyzing the reliability of the products and the doctors as treaters and inventors, they really don’t speak any more or less for one of the adult acne skin care products in the comparison. The reason for this is because the Proactiv ladies and Dr. Murad all did the same thing with their conclusion: They created their adult acne skin care product lines to allow for many different acne-related skin deficiencies to be treated at once. So, instead of pinpointing the blemish or pimple right when the one sees it, the goal, according to the three doctors is for the patient to not even see the breakout at all.

And of course, readers are probably thinking, “Obviously” that would be the goal; but believe it or not, many products on the shelves today really are only designed to clear the acne on the spot. Drs. Rodin and Fields even have a term for it. They call it “pimple panic”. Pimple Panic is essentially the act of trying to treat your face by applying medicine to your pimples one by one, as they come up. And according to the two doctors, this Pimple Panic is quite an epidemic in people of all ages in our society. They claim to treat people daily of ages anywhere from young teens to elders, of all races and nationalities, skin types, who have this problem. Murad does the same.

So which one is better, Murad Acne Complex Kit, 29.99, or Proactiv Solution, 29.95? I have decided that the answer to this question is really different for everyone, depending on their hormones and their skins needs and problems. I have seen many people achieve the skin they want from Proactiv and also many, including myself, from Murad. One important notion was ascertained though and that is that most likely if one adult acne skin care product group doesn’t work, the other will. At the same time, if one does work, it is not uncommon for the other one to not give good results. It’s the game of trial and error, as if we didn’t have enough of those in life anyway.

But before you randomly pick a product to spend your money on for adult acne skin care treatment, it might be beneficial to compare the ingredients and think about whether or not they have been useful to you at all in the past. Consider whether or not you have experienced allergic reactions to any of them, as well, and if so, then obviously avoid that one.

Both Murad and Proactiv contain some natural, herbal ingredients along with a major active, medicinal ingredient. For Proactiv Solution, that substance is the ever popular Benzoyl Peroxide. For Murad, the product is Salicylic Acid. While both active ingredients are completely different, the Peroxide being a white, chalky-creamy type of liquid with a rotten odor, and the latter being a strong thick-alcohol like substance with the same pungent odor that almost stings the eyes, they have both been proven by many to be good treatments for acne problems. Some people, though, are allergic to one of the two. Benzoyl Peroxide, in particular is often criticized by the extreme health conscious for being a “harmful” chemical of a sort, in much of the same way fluoride in popular toothpaste is sometimes shunned upon. And one thing is certain, both the peroxide formula and the salicylic acid are prone to make the face itch. But then again the doctors say this is normal and just the product working. So again, it is really up to personal preference based on experimentation with both or one of the brand products.

Proactiv Solution, 29.95, vs. Murad Acne Complex Kit, 29.99. It’s a tough call. According to Proactiv, they are the number one selling mail order skin care product of this type. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are better than the other brand. One thing is for sure, though, and that is that this high success rate appropriately reflects the strong marketing impact that Proactiv has on individuals. Both the television infomercial and the online website are not only informative, but they position the doctors as being common people, like you and me, who even themselves are not permanently devoid of this acne skin care problem. They are very inviting and friendly in all contexts. That is not to say that Dr. Murad is not inviting. It is just that his website falls a bit short on the “reaching out” factor. And what a shame because the infomercial really does do the product justice, while emphasizing the professionalism and credibility of the doctor, perhaps even more so than the Proactiv does for its own. But where the two women doctors threw in some extra conversational sentences to target their audience online, Dr. Murad comes at us with a scientific, simple and direct to the point approach that, if you already believe in the product, would work just find. But if you were going into the product research with no former knowledge of anything Proactiv or Murad minus the brand names, it is more likely that one would opt for Proactiv viewing the website alone.

So how does one proceed in making the final selection for the first attempt at one of these two adult acne skin care products? I suggest going to the website and listening to the doctors speak. There is no doubt that all three doctors are credible and the testimonials, as well as my personal account, will tell you that they both have been proven to work for many a people many a time. But both the Murad website and the Proactiv website have the opportunity for you to listen to the inventors speak on a video player through your computer, so that is closest you can get to actually catching the infomercial on television when it comes on at 4am. (However if you can catch the commercial, this would be ideal!) Listen to the video, and then my next suggestion before choosing is to do a little research on Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid. Perhaps think about some products you have used in the past and compare their ingredients to the two at hand.

Then, once you’ve made your decision on which to try, order through the website. For an entire adult acne skin care product line in both the Proactiv Solutions, 29.95, formula and the Murad Acne Complex Kit, 29.99, series, you need only pay about $30. Just a tip for new users to these types of skin care sites: Be sure to opt out of the skin care clubs. There will most likely be an option to uncheck the button during your shopping procedure that dictates whether or not you are signing up as a club member. Say no, at least until you know the product works. Because being a “member” in the “club” is code speak for “send me this shipment every other month” or whatever the specific brand’s time frame for the program is. And trust me, once you receive the surplus products, it is very hard to send back for a refund. So opt out from the beginning. Don’t worry, the same amount of coupons and promotional offers will still be available to you, even if you aren’t an official “member”, no matter what they say. So, for the last time, opt out of the club and good luck!!

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