Best Bubble Bath Products for Kids

Children have a natural inclination towards water. They absolutely love playing in the bathtub, in the shower and in the pool. Water activities can keep them engaged for hours and hours. There are a host of products available in the market these days which can double their fun time in water. One such thing children absolutely adore is to have a bubble bath. The popping, colourful bubbles delight the children and keep them engaged. This article will be discussing some of the products available in the market which can help them get those beautiful bubbles and are not harmful for them in any way.


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    Peaceful bubbles

    This bubble bath product from Episencial comprises of sugar-based foaming ingredients which produce a lot of bubbles. At just $9 per pack, this can be a great way of keeping your child engaged when he/she goes into the shower.

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    California baby shampoo and body wash

    This product from California baby is a great one if you are looking to provide your kid with a safe playing time. This product promises to be soft on your child’s eyes and has a nice, lavender fragrance to it. It is also comprised of tea-tree oil which fights bacteria.

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    Aveeno baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash

    As described by the name, this product promises to give a nice, soothing shower for your little one(s). You can put some of it in the bathtub and it will create for some really nice bubbles. A unique feature of this product is that it does not leave your baby’s skin greasy after the shower.

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    Mr. Bubble

    This is another great product for the kids who are looking to have some bubble fun in the bathtub. It is a safe bet for the parents as well as it is approved by dermatologists and paediatricians. It is very economical as well, priced at just $2.99.

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    Deep Steep Bubble Bath

    This product is made from natural ingredients and gives a very nice aroma to the kids while they have unlimited fun in the bathtub. Although it is priced slightly higher at $6.96, it is available in various fragrances which you can choose for your kids.

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    Divine Inspiration Bubble Bath

    This product from Abra Aroma is made using organic herbs and pure essential oils. It claims to be preservative-free and has no lauryl sulphates in it. This product creates many aromatic bubbles which range from Neroli, Sandalwood, Mandarin, Rose and a few others. With all these features, it is priced quite high compared to other available market products. You can get one of these for a $12.00 bill.

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