How to Have a Successful Mineral Bath

The concept of a mineral bath may sound to be very luxurious or modern; however, people have been using them for thousands of years in order to counter with any health issues or just as a means to refresh their minds and bodies. If you are having any problems with your skin, a mineral bath can have an amazing effect on it. As compared an ordinary shower or a bath, a mineral bath is much more beneficial for your personal hygiene.

However, in order to fully enjoy the experience of a mineral bath, you must take some things into account and be attentive in your preparation as it demands some specific requirements.


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    Use warm water

    A mineral bath is at its best with warm water. Most of us love to have hot water in the shower or the bathtub, especially in winters, but it can actually hamper the effect of a mineral bath because hot water can easily close up your pores and may make you feel tired.

    You cannot use cold water in a mineral bath; therefore, in order to be successful in your effort to refresh yourself, go for warm water.

    It is recommended that you properly check the water before slipping your feet in the bathtub. In case the water is too hot, you may risk damaging your skin. Test the water with your hands and if it is too hot, add some cold water in it and recheck.

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    Use Dead Sea salt

    Despite the fact that the Dead Sea salt is a lot more expensive, you should preferably use it in the mineral bath to make it more successful because it has the best mineral profile and also contains therapeutic benefits.

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    Add an essential oil of your choice

    In order to make your mineral bath even more special, select a suitable essential oil and pour a few drops in the bath.

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    If you really want to make your mineral bath successful, you must consider some important factors like the ambience of the bathroom. It is highly recommended that you go for dim lights. Avoid overhead lights if it is possible. This will make your experience quite pleasant and a refreshing one.

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    Use soft towels

    Once you are done with the mineral bath, do not dry your body through a scratchy or an old towel. Treat yourself as the best and have fluffy, clean and soft towels.

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