Skincare for an Oily Complexion

You’ve just washed your face and ten minutes later, voila, your skin feels oily all over again. Sound familiar? Prepare yourself to glow with confidence, even if your skin usually has an oily shine. Relax and follow a few simple steps and you’ll soon be on your way to drier, cleaner-feeling skin that glows with radiance!

When trying to look your best, having oily skin can pose quite the dilemma. Having your picture taken when you’ve forgotten your powder compact can be a nightmare. The shine from your face may appear in your photograph as well, giving your visage a glossier look than is natural. In hopes of clearing up your complexion, you may worry about what kind of moisturizer to use, which cleansing products and which types of makeup. First things first – decide if you’ll be using a liquid or a powder makeup product to combat your complexion conundrum. If you opt for a liquid foundation, select one in your skin tone that is specially formulated for oily complexions.

If you don’t like the way it feels to cover your entire face with liquid makeup, a pressed powder compact can really tone down the shiny look that results from an oily complexion. Check out powder compacts in your local drug store if you’ve got a budget to consider. If you have a little more cash to burn or if you really want a nice compact, consider checking out the designer makeup in department stores. If you need help picking out the right color for your skin tone, you can request assistance from a cosmetologist in the department store.

To battle this annoying skin problem, always try to keep some pressed or loose powder handy. Wash your face in the morning and before bed, and up to once or twice additionally if necessary. Do be careful not to over-wash your face, as too much cleansing may cause excessive dryness and flaking.

To further tend to your complexion, complete the following steps:
Ã?· Drink lots of fluids – especially water.
�· Follow a balanced diet, and consume low-fat foods, fruits and veggies.
�· Enjoy a diet rich in proteins but avoid excessive amounts of salty and sugary foods. This includes chocolate and junk food! (Sigh!)
�· Take vitamins.
�· Maintain a regular facial cleansing routine.
�· Use hot water when cleansing and avoid harsh cleansing products.
�· Use an astringent to deep cleanse your face.
�· Stick with oil-free makeup products.
�· Exercise as often as you can, and avoid wearing makeup while doing so.
�· As tough as it may be, try not to touch your skin unnecessarily.
�· Change your pillowcase more often to prevent residue from clogging your pores overnight.
�· Exfoliate with a facial scrub product a minimum of once a week.
�· Apply a facial mud masque at least once a week to zap the oil from your skin.

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