How to Have a Spa Day with Your Friends

If you want to de-stress, relax and enjoy at the same time, you need to have a spa party with your friends. Spa treatments in home are not only cheaper as compared to visiting spa centres but you can also have treatments according to your desires. Most importantly you can spend time with your friends and relax together. Indulge yourself in activities like manicures, pedicures, foot baths, facials etc with your friends.

Things Required:

– Bath robes
– Bowls
– Face wash
– Face masks
– Body wash
– Spray bottles
– Scented candles
– books, magazines


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    First you need to decide which friend you are going to call to your spa party. Then make handmade invitations or you can simply call or email your friends to come over for a spa party. Inform them at least two to three days before the spa party. Also tell them what things they need to bring with themselves, the time, place and theme.

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    Gather all the stuff

    You need to gather all the items you require for treatments a day or two before the spa day. You can even go to drugstores and cosmetic shops in order to obtain free samples. Get big bowls which will be used to contain hot water, scented candles and CDs containing light music or ocean sound. Also buy bath robes, facial masks and other cosmetic products which you will be using for the spa treatments.

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    Get ready five few minutes earlier then your guests arrive

    You should light up all candles, turn on music and fill up the bowls with hot water five minutes before your friends arrive. Remember that the water should not be too hot and you should use scented aromatic candles. Make sure that no one besides your parents are in home. You do not want fighting with your siblings and eventually ruining your spa day.

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    You should allow your friends to let them bring relaxing clothing such as pyjamas along with them. Also you can get some bath robes and when your friends arrive, give them those robes.

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    Do not disturb

    In the room or bathroom where the spa is taking place, you can place a note on the door stating ‘Do not disturb,’ ‘Warning! Beauty in commence’ or ‘Keep out.’

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    Start the treatments

    After everything is ready, you can start your spa treatments. Do whatever you want to do in order to relax with your friends.

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