Hair Extension: Beautiful, Long Hair in One Day

From Christina Aguilera to Jessica Simpson, the use of hair extensions has become a wildly popular and acceptable trend in beautiful hair. Selecting the appropriate hair extension including style, color, composition and researching the attachment methods, will enable women, all over the world, to have this same beautiful hair in less than one day and, often, in just a few minutes.

For centuries, women have been using hair extensions as a method to elongate hair without waiting for months of hair growth. From the type of early Egypt to the women of today, those same extensions are a reality and can be added in a few minutes or , in some cases, take as long as several hours, depending on the method of attachment and style chosen.
European, natural hair is the finest quality hair on the market. Grown, most commonly, in Italy and and Spain, European hair can range in price from under $100 to several thousands of dollars as it provides for the greatest quality of hair extension products. European hair which can be colored, highlighted, cut, shaped and blended with the natural hair of the woman adorning it. Generally, European, natural hair extensions are attached utilizing a hair weaving method which can take many hours to complete. To use natural, European hair, a certified hair weaver is usually required by statute and the service, depending on the amount of hair extensions to be added, runs several hundred, if not thousands, of dollars, not including the cost of the hair.

As a less expensive option, many women opt to purchase hair extensions in a synthetic form with attachment done through glue or a sort of heat applied process. With every link of hair attached, the glue is added at, or close to, the root area, sometimes using a heating method, providing for beautiful hair extensions in half the time and for pennies on the dollar, but not the natural appearance or quality match of natural hair. While not proven to last as long, these hair extensions are beautiful, even when not naturally matching however, synthetic hair extensions require removal every three months and can be damaging to fine or brittle hair. Usually purchased in the current hair color of hair, synthetic hair extensions, as a general rule, can not be dyed but can be cut and shaped.

As a final option, many women simply choose the most budget conscious hair extension in a synthetic hair attached to hairclipip. Purchased in matching hair colors, the clisnytheticic hair extension does just that; clips to the natural hair. With easy removal, the same day, these synthetic hair extensions provide for an instant style change for an evening on the town or a day at the office. The disadvantage to the synthetic hair clip extension is in the matching quality of hair and color, the instant change and instability of the clipping.

For women all over the world, beautiful hair is a must have. With many celebrities using hair extensions, women today find an overwhelming desire and need to grow long, beautiful locks which has led to a growing trend in the hair business. Inserting extensions, no matter what style, brand or method, provides for those beautiful strands in less than one day and do not have to break a woman’s budget in the process.

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