Hanes 50/50 Tee Shirts Are the Best

I consider myself somewhat of an expert on tee shirts because they’re practically all I ever wear and I’ve tried many different brands, over a period of years. Out of all the tee shirts I’ve tried, I love Hanes 50/50 the very best. If I can find the Hanes 50/50 in the tagless style – even better.

I’m a tee shirt fanatic yet I’m very particular about them. I don’t like many of the current prints, I’d rather not make announcements to the world via my tee shirts, and I also don’t care for ones with tie-dye designs or day-glo colors. I don’t like the shirt to be really short; I’m short so I don’t want them to be too long, either. See? I said I was particular about my tee shirts.

Hanes is one of the only brands of tee shirts that I ever wear, now that I’ve found them. Well, I actually discovered Hanes shirts years ago, but as the company expanded their selection, I found the Hanes 50/50 which is even better than their standard tees.

What’s great about the Hanes 50/50 is that it’s made of fifty percent cotton and fifty percent polyester. This allows me the perfect fit that won’t shrink. Nothing irks me more than to purchase a tee shirt that’s very comfy and fits right, only to launder it and have it shrink by two sizes.

One type of tee shirt I hate is the type often referred to as “beefy”. I don’t like the feel of the thick, stiff fabric. I like a lighter weight of shirt that feels as though it moves with me. Hanes 50/50 gives me that free movement, feels light and airy, and comes in colors I love.

Hanes offers so many colors that I can wear a different color of tee shirt every day of the month. And I can choose from the pocket tee shirts (no, thanks) or the ones without a pocket (my very favorite). My favorite color they offer is teal, a shade of blue that’s very becoming.

One more perk about the Hanes 50/50 shirts: they’re very inexpensive. Usually under $10, they won’t break the bank, and give me plenty of choices for wearing with jeans, or the occasional skirt.

You can’t go wrong with Hanes 50/50 shirts for the entire family. They make them in sizes to fit even very small kids, all the way up to sizes for big and tall men. I’ve found them to be cheaper online than at my local stores, so I stock up when I do decide to shop for tees. Try the Hanes 50/50 – you’ll love it.

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