How to Use a Kleenex Tissue

Personal hygiene is an important part of our daily lives. We must make sure that we take good care of ourselves in order to avoid health issues as well as to have a proper appearance in front of others.

Disposable tissues are an important part of our personal hygiene even though we may not realise it. A box of Kleenex tissues is always around to help us wipe off our sweat or to blow our nose. It is an important part of our hygiene kit. Using it is a piece of cake.


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    Remove Exterior Wrap

    The box is sealed with the help of an exterior shrink wrap to protect it from dust and moisture. The first thing that you will need to do in order to use the tissues is to remove this wrap from the box. Tearing it off will take little effort.

  • 2

    Cardboard Covering

    At the top of the box is a removable cardboard covering which works as a second layer of defense for the tissues inside. The next thing to do is to remove this cardboard. It is very soft and thin in nature and can be removed with even the gentlest of actions.

  • 3

    Plastic Seal

    The last layer of defense for the tissues is a plastic seal that is on top of them inside the box. It is not very tough but will require a bit more pressure than the cardboard covering. Remove it and you will have access to the tissues.

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    Remove the Top Tissue

    It is recommended that you remove the tissue on the top just in case any kind of dust or any other pollutant somehow has managed to break through. After taking it out, trash it.

  • 5

    Start Using

    Once you have the box ready, use the tissues whenever you need it. It can be used for cleaning your nose or to wipe of the sweat in the summer from your forehead.

  • 6

    Get Rid of It

    Generally once you use the tissue, it will become unusable due to its nature. Crumple it if you do not have a trash can available. Whenever one is around, waste no time in discarding it.

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