HSN’s Toni Brattin’s Cosmetic Secrets for Women

One of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a person as they get older is to lose their hair. If you’re a woman it’s even more devastating. Desperate for help, women try teasing their hair to give it more volume, wearing wigs that are uncomfortable, or even surgical procedures like having plug implants.

Hair extensions have been around for years but most of them are designed to be braided into the wearer’s own hair. But now, there are all types of hair extensions designed to simply clip into your real hair. HSN features Toni Brattin’s selections to make every woman beautiful, including hair extensions that can easily be used by women with any type of hair. The extensions come in designs that have clips with attached hair that can be placed anywhere in the hair. There are other ones that are made to attach to your hair after it’s pulled back into a bun. The easiest and most unique of the hair extensions are the ones that simply press into place on the wearer’s head.

Because of their special design, it’s possible to wear lots of the hair extensions at once, or just wear one or two. Wherever you need extra fullness it’s easy to simply place a hair extension in that area. Lift a few strands of hair from the top of the head, place the hair extension, then comb your own hair over it. Place one on each side, on top, one more on each side behind the ear, and even more on each side of the back of the head.

There are styles for all women, including short styles, long pieces, curled pieces, or African American extensions. Choose from every color, like blonde, strawberry, brown, auburn, black – even silver. Designs include ones that allow you to give yourself instant bangs, instant ponytail, or instant curls. The extensions look great and are easy to care for, too.

Say you just need a little volume without bothering with the hair extensions? Try Hair Secret, the hair volumizer aerosol that gives your hair instant volume. Simply spray it on, scrunch the hair, allow to dry and style hair as usual. The spray dries quickly and gives instant lift to flat hairdos.

Now that your hair is looking fabulous, check out the instant tan products featured by Toni Brattin and HSN. The newest tanning products are mitts that have the tanning lotion already applied to them. Simply slide the mitt onto your hand and rub the parts of your body that you wish to tan. The mitts are disposable and very easy to use, yet won’t allow the tanning mess to get all over your hands.

HSN is a great shopping site that has everything from beauty supplies to lawn furnishings to bedding. They have an online from which to shop or you can order from HSN cable station. Toni Brattin chooses her featured products and recommends certain products to potential customers. You can view the hair extensions or tanning products by logging onto their website or tuning in to their cable channel.

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