Teach Your Child the Importance of Washing Their Hands

All parents know that when school starts the cold and flu season has begun. But exactly how do children catch colds and infections? According to a report form the US Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology at least 90 percent of ailments are transmitted by the hands not through the air. Hand washing is actually considered to be the most important way to help prevent the spread of illness.

Do you know how many children actually wash their hands after using the bathroom or blowing their nose? Not many and for some reason parents do not notice. Of course just washing your hands does not make infection disappear instantaneously after washing your hands. Drying your hands is just as important as washing them. Most public bathrooms have hot-air dryers, so this is what most people use. They also tend to use their clothes. It is better to use disposable paper towels or a clean washcloth instead of a hot air dryer. This helps to lessen the spread of microorganisms.

The best thing to teach your child is to always use warm running water and soap. Most children use cold water instead of warm water that is why it is important for parents to supervise. Do you realize that pre-moistened towels do not thoroughly wash hands effectively? You should wash your hands for at least 15 to 20 seconds. They should make sure they scrub between the fingers and under their nails.

Little kids always seem to accumulate plenty of dirt underneath their finger nails. Try to make sure that your child avoids touching their faces until after they have dried their hands. Unless of course they are using a public bathroom, then you will want to turn it off for them, using a paper towel, so that you do not have to actually touch the faucet. After helping your child you should make sure you wash your hands as well.

I realize that too many parents this may seem like an awful waste of time, but teaching your child how to properly wash their hands will help to keep the spreading of germs to a minimum. This is especially important when your child is at school. School is known as a breeding ground for germs. The teachers are usually in a hurry to stick to their curriculum so they are not really concerned about how germs are spread as long as they do not get sick. If you take the time to teach your child then you will have nothing to worry about, when it comes to germs.

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