The Oscar Fish

The Oscar’s are one of the largest fish available to purchase at a pet store. The Oscar can reach 12-16″ in length, and eats a wide variety of foods. The Oscar can also weigh up to 3.5 pounds. Oscars are carnivorous, which means they eat meat, multiple types of meat.

Oscars come in a wide variety of types: the tiger Oscar, the red Oscar, the pink Oscars, the veil tail Oscars, and the pink veil tail Oscars. Each Oscar has a different temperament, but they all have the same growth rate.

An Oscar’s standard size while in adulthood is 12-16″, their size will depend on the size of tank you have. While in the juvenile age, the Oscar is about 3-4″ in length, but they have been known to grow an amazing 1″+ each month. People will buy a small tank thinking that’ll have time until they need to buy a larger tank, but it’s best to buy a tank that’ll big enough for an adult Oscar. And as I said above, the Oscar can weigh up to 3.5 pounds.

Oscars have been found in:
The Amazon River, South American, the Orinoco River Basins, Columbia, French Guiana, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.

Water conditions:
The Oscar will tolerate its pH 6-8, and 5-19 for their dH. Oscar’s water temperature should stay about 72 or 78 degrees F. It is important to keep your Oscars water at these conditions or it could cause illnesses and sometimes fatal results to you Oscar.

Oscars are carnivores and only eat meat. Their diet should maintain: crustaceans, invertebrates, and other fish. Oscars will eat multiple times each day.

Life span:
The Oscar can live for over 10 year of age. When you buy an Oscar, you commit to that Oscar. Oscars aren’t your average fish, they’ll become attached to you and you’ll become attached to them. Once you have an Oscar it’s hard to get rid of them, for both you and the Oscar.

Oscar temperaments:
People say Oscars are very temperamental, but they are only mildly temperamental. The reason people say that the Oscar is aggressive is because they are known to eat other tank mates that’ll fit in their mouths, although, other cichlids have been known to bully around the Oscar. Oscars are not aggressive to humans; they are rather peaceful fish to keep.

Size of tank:
Since the Oscar is a large fish, they need a large tank. The Oscar requires at the least a 55 gallon tank. It is best to get a long tank instead of a high tank. Oscars enjoy swimming side to side not up and down.

Gravel and d�©cor:
Oscars like a soft sand for their gravel, it feels really good on their scales. I don’t recommend that you use plants in a Oscar tank, because they uproot them. Oscars prefer rock caves, and drift wood.

All in all, the Oscar is rather easy to care for. They have large appetites, and they’re hardy fish. If you like larger fish and you find them fascinating, then the Oscar is for you.

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