This Are a Series of Poems About Nature that Kids Will Enjoy


Oceans in their flowing posture slide like a princess’ gown.
Its waves move in an elegant style.
Brightening in its color, the blue changes as the green embraces.
The sun, clouds, and ocean play.
They arouse such beauty; it wows a charming prince


Birds are creatures of the sky.
They are the perfection of its divine.
Their wings are made of silk,
they glide elegantly strolling across the sunlight.
Birds move as if they dance,
they speak as if they sing,
they multiply like the fishes if the sea.
In their numerous figures,
]birds seduce the eye with a temptation to fly.


Sun blazes like fire
Its sharp edges torment the presence of darkness
Day savages night as the sun prince rises
He glows as god of the East.
His beauty transforms each day
Sunlight appears a radiant beast,
its beauty cannot be tamed

Fishes of the Sea

Fishes are animals of the sea.
They the beings of its kingdom.
Fishes, as they form schools,
line up as if going to class.
With every swim, their eyes expands.
Flourishing in the color of the deep blue sea,
fishes beautify the water in severity

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