Fate or Coincidence?

Novelist Morgan Robertson wrote about a grand ship that sailed from the port of Southhamptom in 1898.
It was the biggest and grandest ship ever filled with rich passengers who partook of all the many luxuries the ship had to offer. In his novel he wrote how an iceberg ripped the hull open and there was a heavy loss of life mainly due to a shortage of life boats. The name of his fictional ship was the Titan. The name of the book was Futility.

Fourteen years later a luxury liner bearing the name RMS Titanic set out on a similar voyage it too had luxurious amenities and rich passengers. The night April 14.1912 the ship was struck by a iceberg. And like the Titan suffered heavy loss of life due to insufficient life boats.

This story gets weirder

A young seaman by the name of William Reeves was standing watch on the deck of a tramp steamer Canada bound from England in 1935. It was especially a scary time for him because it was April the month of both previous disasters. It was around the recorded time of the two other disaster but his watch was due to end at midnight. The sea was very calm that night which allowed his mind to run rampant with thoughts of the previous ships. Although it was not April the 14th it did not stop his from going into complete panic when a horrifying thought entered his mind, he was born April 14th ,1912.

Although there was not an iceberg in sight, he sounded the warning and the helmsman brought the ship to full astern. Just as his ship mates started to tease him they made a startling discovery . There stood a giant iceberg only a few yards from the ship, carefully hidden behind a cloak of darkness. Ironically the light of day brought an even bigger revelation as they discovered the ship had been totally surrounded by icebergs.
It took icebreakers nine days to free the ship from captivity.

Oh and by the way, the name of the ship was the Titanium��..

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