The Wedding

Went to the wedding last weekend.
Everyone new, I knew, was there.
But you were not, not even in my thoughts.
Looking back, I just realized,
You were not even present in my thoughts!
I watched, and listened as my friends were married,
On a grassy knoll, in the park, at the beach,
Just as the sun was going down over the ocean.
I let my heart listen, and my mind was free,
And I never gave a thought to the past, or you and me.
It seems that finally, I am starting to let go of you,
And getting a hold again on the real me.
Everyone tells me I’ll get over things,
If I can just learn to keep it simple.
And when I think of you,
I think of you as a major complication.
It was really something, being so close,
To two people so much in love,
And my heart did not break,
It did not even faintly ache,
For what I wished we could have had,
And I knew that we never would.
I wish you nothing but love and hope for you and yours,
And I wish for the same for me.
I will always love you, you know I will.
But I think I’m finally ready to let go and let live,
For both of us.
Blessed be.

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