Top Energy Diet Pills Under $14: A Comparison

UpTime Nutrition Energy Diet Pills
UpTime Energy diet pills account for the largest amount of sales for energy products nationwide, according to the official Uptime Nutrition Company. Free of anything that has so far been determined to be harmful, such as Ma Huang or Ephedra, UpTime energy diet pills are so popular because they are safe and they seem to work very well without being overwhelming. In other words, unlike the rush you feel from the VPX Redline Energy and fat burning pills (See Associated Content Article VPX Sports New Innovative Energy Pill, Redline: A Product Review), the UpTime products simply make you feel more awake and alert, without the head rush or body shaking. The product is actually an effective nutritional supplement as well, which is often very hard to find in a product that is sheerly designed to be an energy diet pill. It contains 50 different types of your full Vitamin B Complex, minerals, Antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. This product does work better after you’ve used it over time, and the vitamins have built themselves up in your system, but it should still be taken in the morning so as to ensure you are able to sleep later in the night. It is fairly difficult to find UpTime, but you can find it at some obscure convenience stores in a small 2-3 pill packet or you can purchase directly from the UpTime Nutrition website and get a full bottle of caplets (60) for $12.95.

Overall, UpTime is a product that feels clean and works well, without any weird side effects. If you are willing to wait a few days to notice any real effects in your weight or energy level, this product goes highly recommended. I first took it when somehow the UpTime Company got me on their mailing list and sent me a little packet as a free sample. The first time I took it was around 10pm at night, admittedly way too late to be taking an energy diet pill, but I tend to thrive in the late night early morning hours so this was when I was most interested in learning how the product works. I noticed an amazing difference upon first taking just one pill, but it must be noted that I was also drinking Yerba Mate tea, which is an Argentinean tea, very strong in flavor, very “organic” tasting looking and smelling, but very very rich in nutrients and energy boosting components. So I know that much of my energy that night was from the mate, but there was definitely an extra bonus when I combined the tea with the Up-Time energy diet pill. I saw my appetite virtually disappear when it was usually running rampant and I couldn’t sleep at all that night, which was just the effect that I wanted. So it worked well for me. After taking it a few days after that, the energy and diet pill effects were not as strongly felt, but they were still evident. This energy diet pill is definitely recommended as an added supplement to your current nutritional plan and vitamin regimen. Up-Time Energy Products

Energy Ephedra Pill
This next energy product is somewhat of a secret. Well not really a secret per se, but a little known fact, although now that I dropped that bomb, so much for the mystery. Anyway, Bronkaid by Bayer. It is important to note that this is simply designed to be informative and not a recommendation that you take this product for energy without speaking first to your doctor. However, Bronkaid, popular over the counter medication for people with bronchitis, contains that magical ingredient that is supposedly no longer legal: Ephedrine Sulfate, in other words this is an Ephedra energy pill. Yes, believe it or not, this item can be purchased at any popular pharmacy chain over the counter and it contains the infamous energy and fat burning ingredient Ephedrine Sulfate, in the dose of 40 mg per caplet. It also contains 400mg of the active ingredient guaifenesin.

The main purpose of Bronkaid, ephedra energy pill, is to clear up your throat and nasal cavities of mucus due to bronchial infection or improper drainage, but it does give one an immediate boost of energy as well. As far as whether or not it is extremely safe to use for energy or fat burning purposes, that is only the call of a specialist, so please proceed with caution. It is to be noted though that this product is still sold, and over the counter, at that, so we would hope that means it is not too dangerous if it is taken according to the directions on the box. But there have always been warnings against Ephedra, so really, one should probably only go this route if he or she really is desperate for a quick energy boost and not use the product regularly or overdo it. Also, if you decide to purchase this Ephedra energy pill product at your local pharmacy store, be aware that most of the stores these days are required to obtain your proper identification and record the information on some sort of form and it is uncertain to whom this goes to. And I believe you can only buy one package at a time. The bottle of Bronkaid costs about $5.99 for 24 caplets and $9.99 for 40 caplets at Bronkaid by Bayer Corporation

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