Unique Baby Names for Girls

Brianne, once unique, is taking its place as a very popular baby girl’s name across cultural lines. Whether Brianne will establish itself as a classic baby name like Sarah or Emily over the decades or wear itself out over the next years, remains to be seen. Personally, I’d prefer people looking for unique baby names look at names a little more unique or go with something more traditional, but if you like Brianne, or any of its offshoots, may I offer some other suggestions:

If you want to go with a feminized male name:
Brianne is basically a girl’s version of the name Brian. I’m not sure how that factors into its popularity. But if you’re an expectant parents considering a boy’s name turned into a girl’s name, may I suggest some others. What about Jacklyn or Jacqueline, feminine of Jack? How about Alexandra, or any of its versions, feminie of Alexander. Then there’s Louisa, feminine of Louis, Pauline or Paulette instead of Paul. Claudine, Claudia, Claudette are more popular perhaps than Claude from which they’re dervived. Then there’s version of John like Jeannie and Jeannette. Lots to choose from.

If you want to go with a name that ends in Ann:
If it’s the “anne” part of Brianne that has you hooked into the name, consider you can add Ann or Anne or Anna or Ana onto almost any female name you want. How do you think they came up with Brianne? Check it out: Leann, Leanna, Leana. See what I mean? Use a hyphen if you want: Lou-Anne. Or don’t: Louanne. Use a Y or an I: Maryanne, Marianne. Or check out names that aren’t obvious add-ons, like Dianne or Christiane.

If you want to go with a name that starts with BR:
Brianne is not the only name out there beginning with the Br sound, rest assured. So if it’s that sound that’s got you hooked, how about Brenda or Bridget? Go old Englishy with Bronwyn or Bryn. Knock the first part off of Sabrina for Brina. Consider liquid names like Brandy or Brooke. But please, no Brook-Lynns, that’s just trendy as anything.

If you want a name whose first syllable is a cheese:
Can’t help you there.

So, as you go about finding the perfect name for your child, please, consider all your non-Brianne options. If you settle on Brianne as the perfect name after much thought, then hey, go for it. She’ll be the best Brianne ever.

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