Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men and Women

The holidays are here and then we have Valentine’s day. We all love this day because not only is about love and caring for your loved ones but we get to spend time with them. I love Valentine’s Day even if I don’t get all the chocolate I want. I do love it but I love teddy bears much more than candy. If you have a loved one than you know they will want to spend time with you even get you a little gift. The best gift to get a guy is teddy bear. Men love teddy bears some do not but most do.

I love getting teddy bears it just so sweet of a woman to give a man. If you are buying for your lady than candy and roses are the most popular itme to get her. They love to get gift cards to sexy lingirie stores as well. The most romantic thing to do on Valentine’s Day is to go on a mini vacation just the two of you and have a nice dinner together. You both can bring your gift and than after dinner catch a movie. This way not only will have each other and your gift but a little memory that the two of you went away. Some people get married or engaged on this special day. I think its such a pretty day to do just that.

Great gifts for men:
Dinner and a movie
Teddy bears
Romantic getaway
Lottery tickets

Gifts for women:
Perfume basket
Basket fo candles
Gift card to a sexy clothing store or lingirie store
Teddy Bear
Engagment ring

Valentine’s Day is a day to make that gift special for your loved one. You can buy gifts for your parents and friends. This day is really about couples and appreciating one another. This is a day about expressing your love for each other. The popular gift to get your loved one is chocolate, cards, flowers and a night out of town. Plan a getaway that way the two of you have some memories to share. Have your portrait taken or go for a horse and carraige ride some place. That would be so romantic.

If you are buying a gift for your child than a perfect gift basket of cookie cutters would be cute. Kids love teddy bears too so don’t forget them. We love our children so they do deserve a gift too. Now gifts do not need to be expensive. If you make a card for them they would love it. You can bring a smile to their faces in many ways. For a girl you can buy a necklace, teddy bear, candy, a movie ticket or even a doll. For a boy you can get him set or cars, trains, a box of candy, or a movie ticket. You should all go out as a family and do soemthing special together maybe ice skating or rollerskating. Whatever you do make sure you give each other a hug and kiss at the beginning and end of the day.

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