5 Ways to Ask a Woman on a Date

Chivalry is dead they say! But then again, who was it that really said it? Will we ever really know the actual person? Was he/she a realist or perhaps just lonely? Being that it is 2006, a time of liberation, declaration, and independence, most would agree that traditional romance is merely a thing of the past. Surprisingly, both romance and love have been rumored to have disappeared eons ago with the ancient traditions and decadent stereotypes that women used to be associated with.

Today, the average woman is educated, highly informed, competent and designated for success. A single woman who is preoccupied with family, friends, work, events, and financial success will more than likely put her love life on the backburner, unconsciously forgetting about “prince charming.” Roses, chocolates, long walks on the beach are the last things on the list of things to do on her blackberry. This is not because single women do not want love or are not desperately hoping and seeking a soul mate, but it is due to the lack of originality and sincerity put forth by most men when it comes to asking women out on a date.

Ask any single woman whether in college or a retirement home and they will agree that when it comes to being asked out, most men today have lost the pizzazz! Surprisingly, most men do not even realize that some of the worlds most fascinating and profound women are right under their noses. This is because they have exhausted the possibilities of romance. They have carelessly neglected the art of getting a date and winning a woman’s heart.

Believe it or not, asking a woman on a date takes skill and craft with the proper attitude and actions, which have unfortunately gone astray. The right man can undoubtedly win a date with the right woman with some guidance from the following five steps:

1.) Be Honest! Be upfront and direct with the woman when requesting what it is you want (her precious time). No need to beat around the bush or butter things up, it is what it is-a date not brain surgery.

2.) Be Subtle! Keeping one’s cool and composure will never go out of style. The guy who presents himself most collected will always come out on top. Self assurance speaks volumes to what you can offer to your potential future date.

3.) Don’t be annoying! No woman no matter how lonely she is or how many centuries it’s been since she had a date wants to be stalked! State your purpose politely, turn around, and walk away! Face it, you’ve laid your cards on the table already by proposing the social engagement, now it is time to relax and let her deal her hand.

4.) Be Patient! Patience really is a virtue. This age old metaphor always proves true. Give your lady time to think things over. Who knows, she may just be getting out of a bad relationship or maybe she works super hard and is just plain busy. Whether it’s a day, a week, or a month, just trust that when she’s ready she will respond. Avoid re-asking her out through calling, text messaging or emailing. If it is meant to be you will be gazing into one another’s eyes soon enough.

5.) Be Humble! Whether the lady of your dreams accepts or declines your offer, please, whatever you do, be humble. Treat her the same exact way that you will be treating her twenty dates from now. No one wants a man with a big ego, conceit is so unattractive! Getting the date is only the first step of the journey. It is up to you to use the right romance and sparkle to get through that first date successfully, and perhaps earn a second. If perhaps your lady denies you the date, whatever you do, do not beat yourself up. Instead assure yourself that it was not meant to be and there are plenty of other angelfish in the sea.

6.) *Bonus Tip* Always remember, “The way you start should be the way you finish.” Whatever you do, please do not show up at your lady’s door with a dozen of red roses and the Godiva, if you already know that six months from now romantic gestures are the last things that will be on your mind. If you’re a true romantic, be romantic. If you’re cheap and thrifty, be cheap from the door. Given enough dates, every man’s true self shines through regardless of how great things seem to be at first. Pretending to be something your not will only lead to let downs and disappointments. When women go on dates they prefer honesty not some charming faÃ?§ade. So gentleman, during the timeless phase of all relationships called “dating,” be true to your crush, but more importantly, be true to your self!

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