Charles Dickens Museum London

If you are fond of reading novels then it would be shocking if you have not heard the name of “Charles John Huffam Dickens”. He was one of the greatest novelists in the World. During his whole life, he moved to different houses but the only one that is preserved today is the building where Charles Dickens Museum is situated. Mr Dickens lived in this house from March 25th, 1837 till the end of 1839. In 1923, the authorities were going to demolish this building but Dickens Fellowship saved it by getting a mortgage from the government. An independent trust then established Charles Dickens House Museum in the same building in 1925. Later on, the museum was renamed to Charles Dickens Museum. Following is more step by step information that you will need while visiting the museum.


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    The museum holds a fine collection of furniture and other items that were used by Charles Dickens, a collection of intricate paintings, manuscripts and rare editions of books and novels. This place is worthy of getting a visit especially from art lovers.

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    It will take almost one hour for a complete visit of the Museum. The opening times are as below.

    Opening Times: 10am to 5pm, Seven days a week

    Last Admission: 30 minutes before the closing time

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    Adult tickets can cost you from 5 to 10 pounds which will depend if you can get a concession or not. Without the concession it will be 10 pounds per adult. A children ticket costs 5 pounds and children under the age of 10 are free to enter.

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    Address: Charles Dickens Museum, 48 Doughty Street, London, WC1N 2LX View Map

    Phone Number: +44 20 7405 2127

    Visit: Museum’s Website

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