Spa Interior Designers in London

Spa is getting that feeling of the lavishness and relaxing place while on the other words spa is relaxing feature which is connected with nature. There are many different and modern way that can change your spa room which looks expensive.

Interior Designers used non corrosive equipment in moisture areas including, vent, drains and wall cover.

Chic modern, minimal accessories and a contemporary look change the whole ambience of your beauty spa.  Make your spa comfortable by providing your customers on soft, lush linens, upholstered surfaces and comforters. An environment like this changes the mood of your client to be more relaxed and ready for the treatments offer as your spa.


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    Firstly set budget before beginning the beauty spa designs. Keep the budget in mind and choose the different spa decorating elements.

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    Wall colors

    Beauty Spa rooms have to be clean and attractive to a wide number of people. Use light color for spa instead of bright color for example white and light brown. If there is a lot of light in your apartment then use white, sea blue scheme with pops of your favourite color for giving relaxing environment. Use wallpaper on one wall instead of the whole room.

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    Counter Space

    Build a separate small reception counter which also works as the retail point of sale.

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    Use Vinyl tile, wood and cushioned recreational surface instead of using marble and granite. Remember that wallpaper should be separate from the steamer area.

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    Lighting should be flattering to hair and skin. Use indirect lighting with dimmer control on wall.

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    Massage Room

    Massage room should have small sink and linen cabinet in the corner. Room should also sound proof and sink should have hot and cold water.

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    Furniture should be plain design with relaxing theme and also add bedding set with a warm comfy feel. Use intercom in each room.

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    Sound System

    Use sound system in each room that have individual volume control knob.

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    Spa Theme

    Use spa theme in each room including wide use of plants, candles, smooth stones and tabletop fountains.

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    Spa theme should also be applied in all bathrooms. Repeat the colour scheme ideas and also install a Jacuzzi tub for relaxing.

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    There are many spa interior designers in London but some are best designers which provides all the facilities including, wall colors, flooring, sitting area design.

    Zynk, are the member of Fitness Industry Association in London. They are the famous interior designer of London, provide best setting for luxury environment.

    SMC Interior Design, provides unique artworks, luxury environments and innovative spa design elements.

    SpaTech PoolS Ltd, is providing high-quality service to its customers.

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