How to Travel From London to Durham

Durham is well known city of the United Kingdom (UK), situated in the north east of England. A family trip all the way to Durham can be an amazing experience. Fortunately, if you wish to visit Durham, you have the option of travelling by car, bus, train and air. If you want to enjoy the scenery on the way, then travelling by car or bus should be your choice, but if you are looking to reach your destination as soon as possible, you should look into travelling by train or plane.


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    London to Durham by Car

    By road, the distance between London and Durham is approximately 263 miles, which takes about five hours, depending on the speed of the car. If you are driving your own car, at an average speed of 64 kilo meters per hour, it will take just over 7 hours to reach the city of Durham. Likewise, if the speed of the vehicle is 70 miles per hour, it will take around 4 hours. Travelling all the way to Durham by car is not a bad idea, given the beautiful sites you will come across.

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    London to Durham by Bus

    While you can use several bus services to travel to Durham, but form London, the most reliable bus service is the Victoria Bus Service. From London to Durham bus station, it takes about 5 hours and 55 minutes to cover the 264 miles distance. While the Bus service is slower than other modes of transport, the fares are quite low in comparison. As soon as the bus reaches Durham bus station, pick up your belongings and move towards the waiting lounge until your expected ride arrives.

    Victoria Coach Station
    Location: 164 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9TP, United Kingdom. View Map

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    London to Durham by Train

    Besides being swift, this mode is comparatively cheap as well, so people can easily choose this option for travelling to Durham. Several routes are available to reach Durham rail station, which also include a few with zero stops. By train, it takes nearly 2 hours and 47 minutes to reach your destination. From London’s main station, which is the London King’s Cross station, three train services can be used (the East Coast, First TransPennine Express and Cross Country). You can book you train ticket online for your convenience. When the train reaches the Durham railway station make sure you have collected your belongings.

    Following websites will help you in viewing the schedules along with the route plan and you can conveniently buy your train seat.


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    London to Durham by Air

    Travel through air takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, but for that you will have to book a flight from London to Newcastle/NCL. Newcastle/NCL is the nearest airport for Durham city.  After reaching your destination, carefully gather your belongings, get off the flight and move towards the inner zone of the airport to collect your luggage from the airport staff.

    For your convenience you can use the bellow websites to view the schedules of the flights and get your seats booked according to the suitable route or time.

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