How to Report Mobile Phone Theft in London

As many as 10,000 mobile phones are stolen or snatched across UK and same is the ratio in London. This is stunning number of mobile phone theft in a country like UK where law and order is considered as an exemplary. Most of the mobile phone that are stolen or snatched have been reported either in streets or from unattended cars. Mobile phone snatchers target teenagers mostly so in most cases the incident remains unveiled from crime handling authorities.  Due the ever increasing ratio of mobile phone theft the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit (NMPCU) was officially launched in December 2003 to stop this menace. Here is the detailed method of reporting mobile phones theft in London, following which one can easily bring the matter into the notice of concerned department.


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    The first step you need to take after your mobile phone is stolen or snatched is to report the incident to London police. You can report the incident to police by calling them at 101, can go to nearest police stations or can call Crime stoppers. Provide IMEI number of your cell phone so that police can help you in recovering the phone. So, always keep the IMEI number on a safe place to tackle such bitter situation.

    Helpline numbers of London Police

    National Mobile Phone Crime Unit (NMPCU): +44 800 555 111

    London Crime Stoppers:+44 800 555 111

    Metropolitan Police London: +44 20 7378 1212

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    Report to your service providers

    Immediately after the incident of being snatched or stolen the mobile phone, report the matter to your network authorities and ask them to block your SIM so that it could not be misused. You can also get your cell phone IMEI number by calling your service providers. Here the details of mobile phone networks service providers:

    Orange: +44 7973100150

    Vodafone: +44 8700700191

    O2: +44 8448090202

    TMobile: +44 8454125000

    Virgin Mobile: +44 8456000789

    3 Mobile: +44 8433734444

    Onetel: +44 8458188000

    Tesco Mobile: +44 8453014455

    BT: +44 800032211

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