How to Get El Salvador Tourist Visit Visa from London

Rated among the top 10 countries to visit in 2010, El Salvador is considered to be a favorite destination for tourists coming to Central America. The countries unique culture and history give visitors a chance to explore amazing things while they travel across the country. Visitors from the United Kingdom hit the shores of the country in great numbers to take in the beauty of El Salvador each year. They are mostly attracted to San Salvador’s nightlife, the excellent sights of the Pacific Coast line from Puerta Del Diablo Mountains, the magnificent look of Boquerón National Park and the delicious foods that are served across the country. It is now very easy for the Londoners to apply for a El Salvadorian Tourist Visa from London. The following guide on how to Apply for a Tourist Visit Visa from London, will be helpful in this regard.


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    Visa Exempted Countries

    The nationals of these countries are exempt from the Visa Requirements of El Salvador: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, France, German, Guatemala, Honduras, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea (South), Liechtenstein Luxembourg, Netherlands, Nicuragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and Uruguay.

    Whereas, all other countries not included in above mentioned list, do require a Visa to enter into El Salvadorian Territory.

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    Documents Required

    Following list of documents are required in order to apply for a Tourist Visit Visa of El Salvador.

    a) Valid passport with at least 6 months validity.
    b) 1 application form completed and signed.
    c) 2 passport size photographs.
    d) 1 copy of airline ticket or confirmed itinerary.
    e) Proof of sufficient financial support.
    f) Confirmation of reserved accommodation in El Salvador.
    g) Proof of Visa Fee paid.
    h) Any other documents required by El Salvador Embassy in London.

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    Visa Application

    Visa applications can be obtained from El Salvador Embassy in London. The details of contact and address information are given below:

    El Salvador Embassy in London

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    Submission of Application

    Visit embassy in person and ask the relevant authorities about how to send the application for a tourist visa for El Salvador and also about what are the conditions which need to be fulfilled in this regard.

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    Processing Time and Collection

    Tourist Visas are normally issued within 24 hours by the El Salvadorian Embassy. However, if some kind of authorization from the immigration authorities is required, the process can be as long as 21 days in total. Once you are issued with El Salvadorian visa by the embassy, you have to follow the instructions regarding how to collect your visa from embassy. The embassy will guide you regarding this.

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    Validity of Issued Visa

    The issued visas will be valid for an initial period of 90 days. But later it can be extended after going through a simple process.

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    Final Checklist

    To avoid the delay in process, make it sure that you have checked following things before applying:

    a) Complete list of documents required by the El Salvador Embassy in London.
    b) Validity of your passport.
    c) Availability of funds to support your tour.
    d) Visa Credit Card.
    e) Confirmation from the booked accommodation.
    f) Date and time of departure and arrival.
    g) Amount of luggage to be carried.

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    Things to take

    Conduct a research before departure, about the list of items you can carry and also about the things which are not allowed for entry to El Salvador. Following is a list of items which you should be careful of:

    a) Do not take with you the illegal items for travelling.
    b) Avoid taking any kind of drugs or weapons.
    c) Keep your passport and credit cards with you all the time during your stay.
    d) Do not take a lot of valuable items with you, or else keep them in safe custody.
    e) Take complete information on immigration authorities and always cooperate with them.
    f) Contact details of UK embassy in El Salvador and the Hotel of your residence in El Salvador.

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