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For teenager a musical genre theme festival was organized back in 2007, by the name of Underage Festival. The first show was successful enough to win massive number of fans, since then every year in the month of August, Sam Kilcoyne and Eat Your Own Ears, organizes of Underage Festival, schedule this musical gala in Victoria Park for children aged between 13 – 17. Though the event is scheduled in the eighth month, still tickets usually starts getting sold out in the start of the year. Huge number of artist which includes local bands as well as some known and eminent singers, entertain the underage music lovers. In a very secure and comfortable environment your child will definitely enjoy his/her time with glee.

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    History of Underage Festival:

    Right now many variations have been made, but previously in 2007 when the festival was organized for the first time there were no different stages available. With approximately 32 singers the entire festival was scheduled. A specific genre of music was not targeted; various rhythms like, rock, pop, and indie were played.

    The show held in 2008 was a complete success more than 10,000 fans attended the show. Different stages were introduced each music type had its own stage. As the years passed the event acquired more fame and currently it has become one of the most awaited events of the year.

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    Dates & Duration:

    The event is held in month of August on various dates.

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    Tickets & Entry:

    Tickets are required to enter into the festival. You can buy tickets from the festival website or participate in activities on their Facebook page and get a chance to win free ticket!

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    Attractions of The Underage Festival:

    In order to distribute free tickets, draws are held every Friday in which 1 lucky winner gets a chance to acquire a free ticket of the festival.

    With advancement six stages are constructed, every stage will be welcoming musicians playing a specific genre of music. Due to this innovation you will not have to wait for your favorite singer, in fact you can gather around your favorite stage and enjoy the rhythmic beats.

    Parents or guardian's entrance is strictly prohibited, but the security measures are properly managed, so they do not have to worry. Parents can wait outside and enjoy some hot and cold drinks.

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    How to Make your Visit Special at Underage Festival:

    Usually parents are very much paranoid when their teenage children ask permission for a concert. But do not get apprehensive, because if they are insisting to go to an Underage Festival then they are definitely intending to visit a safer event.

    Parents can surprise their children by buying a ticket for them, before they place their request. Kids will definitely get overwhelmed by noticing this joyful gesture of their parents.

    Though you cannot take food from home, still the food stalls available at the festival will give you and your friends a chance to enjoy the concert along with some scrumptious healthy food.

    If your closest friend’s birthday is near the date when the gala is being held, then a perfect way to make him/her feel special is by buying tickets of the fair and spend the entire day in a thrilling environment.

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