How to Sell Office Space in London

London is one of the most expensive and valuable places all over the world in terms of property. That is why a large number of real estate agents and dealers are seen in the city of London that brings together two parties in buying or selling. The most common property that is either bought or sold in the business is an Office Space. If you are planning to sell an office space, it is very important to consider all the major aspects of selling to get a good deal.The article highlights some major steps for selling an office space in London.


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    Find out the market value

    The first and foremost thing to do while selling an office space is to acquire the current value of the property. The local property evaluation services are available to determine the exact value of the place.

    To get your office space valued from one of the best commercial property valuation services in London check out the web address given below;

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    Sell through Real Estate Dealers

    Another easy and faster way to sell an office space is through the real estate dealers. Many people in London, who are interested in buying a property, give their contact details to the local real estate agents. Those interested people can be reached easily through the agents. Although, a minimum percentage of the sale price is given to the dealer in form of commission if he manages to mature a deal however, this method saves time and avoid window shoppers.

    Some of the top Real Estate dealers of London are listed below

    Currell Commercial, provides all the marketing related advice and help in selling the commmercial property at the  best rate.

    Properties For London, is one of the famous Real Estate agents in London who who specializes in buying and selling of any  kind of preperty

    Knight Frank, is a specialist when it comes to commercial properties services whether it is about guidance and buying or selling.

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    Advertise Online

    After deciding the price, one way of selling the office space is by advertising online. Majority of the people in London use internet and they search almost everything online. The picture of the office space and the equipment along with it should be added on the ad to give a more clear picture to the interested people.

    Some London Advertising online forums are listed below

    Post ad on
    Post ad on
    Post ad on

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    Sort out the best deal

    One of the important step is selling the office space is to sort out the bat deal which will provide maximium return on the investment.

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    Prepare Paperwork

    Upon reaching a deal, the final step is to prepare paperwork to hand over the office space and obtain the amount against it. Preparing paperwork requires the assistance of a legal advisor who will handle the complete process from here.

    Two best Business Solicitors in London are listed below

    (a) Adams Solicitors
    (b)G H Gelberg & Co
    (c) Landu Zefferitt Weir Solicitors

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