List of Patient Lawyers in London

If someone is hospitalised or bed ridden in British capital and want to file a law suit against the hospital, or health care provider, he need to hire a lawyer who  specialised in representing patients. As the medical malpractice lawyers usually work as patient lawyers, therefore the specialised patient lawyers are not usually seen. However, there are many lawyers who has specialized in representing patients in British capital. If you have been a victim of any malpractice and want to hire a solicitor, here is a step by step list of patient lawyers in London from where you can begin your search.


  • 1

    Hempsons, is the leading law firm of practitioner dealing in heath and social care cases including patient related issues like medical negligence by doctor or others.

  • 2

    Ridouts Solicitors, is niche practice of outstanding health and social care related issues that happen with patients like medical malpractice by doctor or health care service provider.

  • 3

    Simpson Millar, is an provider of legal services to patients suffering from negligence cases like medical. They have specialised lawyers covering patient cases.

  • 4

    Bevan Brittan, is dedicated to providing commercial legal advice to patients suffering from malpractice or negligence from medical practitioners or health care service providers in the London.

  • 5

    Bates Wells and Braith Solicitors, are practicing niche patient cases, including medical malpractice and other patient related problems. They have a specialised department dedicated to deal with patients having problems.

  • 6

    Brachers law firm, covers comprehensive range of fields including health care and medical related issues like medical negligence and other patient related issues.

  • 7

    Pattinson and Brewer, has over one hundred years’ experience in dealing patient related cases like medical malpractice. They have a qualified and experienced team in the field of medical affairs.

  • 8

    Wiseman Lee, a specialised firm in the field of patient related issues like medical malpractice and otehrs. For the last 50 years the company has managed to enter its among reliable lawyers in London.

  • 9

    Quality Solicitors Freeman Harris, is a firm of experienced solicitors each having an in depth knowledge and expertise in handling patient related cases, most of the time, the malpractice.

  • 10

    Fenchurch Law Solicitors, is a specialist professional negligence attorneys firm with over 20 years of experience dealing with patient issues and insurance coverage disputes.

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