How To Get Disability Facility Grant For A Private Property In London

Living life with any physical disability is not an easy task. Moreover, poor financial conditions makes the situation even worse for a disabled person. Due to poor financial situation, a disabled person cannot afford to bring changes in his or her residence which can help him or her move around freely without facing any difficulty. To support such people, the government of United Kingdom has allowed the local authorities in London to disburse Disability Facility Grant for a private property. This grant is awarded to people who want to make necessary changes in the house in order to eradicate physical barriers which impede them from living independently and safely in their own homes. To know about this grant or how it ca be applied for, read through this guide.


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    Who can apply for a Disability Facility Grant:

    Any disabled person can apply for the Disability Facility Grant if he or she owns/occupies or lives as a tenant in a housing association property or privately owned residence. In case of disabled children who are below the age of 19, parents or guardians are eligible to apply on their behalf. However the case must be genuine and an applicant must meet all the criterions of Disability Facility Grant.

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    Type of Work Disability Facility Grant Covers:

    Disability Facility Grant covers different sorts of residential changes to make living of the disabled easier, but it must be mentioned by an Occupational Therapist; commonly known as OT. In brief, these recommended works should allow a disabled person's free movement in the house and an ease of using different facilities better than before. The works that Disability Facility Grant covers are as:

    - Replacement of bath with over-bath shower or walk-in shower.
    - Fitting of a bathroom on ground floor.
    - Fitting of a through lift or stair lift.
    - Making changes in a home for free wheelchair movement; for instance widening doors, ceiling track hoist or adapting installing ramps in the kitchen.
    - Installation of appropriate lighting for special people who have visual impairment.

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    How to Apply:

    If a disabled person agrees with certain terms and conditions set by the authority, then he or she can apply for the Disability Facility Grant for a private house in London by forwarding an application to their local authorities. The authority will then evaluate it before awarding the grant.

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    Maximum Mandatory Disability Facility Grant:

    The maximum mandatory Disability Facility Grant is £30,000. However, this grant is not given to an applicant if he or she has already started the adaptation work before an approval.

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