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The royal road that leads you towards the residence of United Kingdom’s Queen, Elizabeth, is one of the most prestigious path. Especially on majestic occasions and Sunday’s this road is closed for general public but for rest of the days traffic is allowed to be passed. On every royal ceremony Mall is filled with people who are eagerly waiting on the side of the road, to have a glance at the family members of Britain’s Queen. In order to give a red carpet look the path is colored red which provides an imperial entrance to the royal family. Annually in the month of June, Mall accomplishes in grabbing the spot light because the highlighted event Trooping the Color is held. Besides that whenever the royal wedding ceremonies take place this route becomes more prominent.


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    Mall has been granted more importance due to the residence of British Monarch, Buckingham Palace. Since the inauguration of the palace the route which is running from the royal residence and ends at the Trafalgar Square, was placed among the most secure and significant roads. Apart from the majestic events, other reason which has made this road more famous, is the London marathon.  The memorial of Queen Victoria is also present close to the road, besides that there is a St James’s Palace on the north side and a park by the name of St James’s Park, in the southern side of the Mall. During the wedding ceremony of Princess Diana with Prince Charles and Prince William’s with Catherine Middleton, Mall was made the focal point.

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    Nearest attractions:

    Mall itself is a famous landmark of London, but there are few sites which makes the road more significant.

    Institute of Contemporary Arts Cinema the Mall, Trafalgar Square, Horse Guards Parade, National Portrait Gallery, 10 Downing St, National Gallery, Churchill War Rooms, St. Martins Gallery, St Mary Overie, Ikkyu Of China Town

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    Operational Hours:

    Aside from the days when royal ceremonies take place and on Sundays, rest of the days Mall is kept open for general public and traffic.

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    City of Westminster, London, United Kingdom

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    How to Get There:

    By Tube:

    Approximately 0.5 mile away from the Mall, Charing Cross tube station’s tracks are laid. By walk it will take 9 minutes to wrap up the extent of distance between two locations. After taking an exit from the station you will have to head northeast and initialize your walk on the Northumberland Ave/A400. After 20 feet distance you will have to cross the roundabout turn and cover 0.5 mile distance. For a detail view of the route you can check the Pedestrian Path.

    By Bus:

    0.1 mile away from the road Pall Mall St James's Palace (Stop) is present. Buses that makes a stop at this point travel on the route N9 from Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 bus station, 9 from Hammersmith bus station and 9 (Heritage Route) from Earls Court bus station.

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