Dorothy Gardner Centre London

Under the local authority’s supervision, Westminster, Dorothy Gardner Centre was established for children aged between 3 – 5.  According to the inspection of ODSTED, it was known that this day care center was able to fulfill all aspects of inquiry with outstanding inspection grade. Dorothy Gardner Centre’s main aim is not only to look after the child in his/her parent’s absence, but to provide toddlers with all possible knowledge for their well-being. Along with healthy lifestyle and enthusiastic environment, all the children are satisfied, because the homely atmosphere does not let them feel deprived of any provision or affection. Soft and kind hearted staff is trying their level best to endow all possible services, which may help the children to adjust in this centre, in next to no time.


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    Dorothy Gardner Centre Services:

    All sorts of emergency facilities are available, which make the environment protective and secure for your child.

    Various activities and events are organized; in which parents are also invited, so that the partnership between the carer and parents become stronger and reliable.

    Though children are allowed to bring food from home, still healthy meal is also obtainable during lunch time.

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    Operational Hours of Dorothy Gardner Centre:

    From Monday till Friday, centre grants the day care services between 9:15 am – 4:30 pm.

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    How to Contact Dorothy Gardner Centre:

    During the operational hours you can contact the center any time on the number cited below:

    Contact: +44 20 76415870

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    Dorothy Gardner Centre’s Location:

    293 Shirland Rd, London, Greater London W9 3JY, United Kingdom.

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    How To Get to Dorothy Gardner Centre:

    By Tube:

    If you are at the Queen’s Park Tube Station, then by walk it will take around 8 minutes to arrive at the day care center. After coming out of the station, move towards South and initiate your walk from Premier Corner. Take left turn and commence on the Ashmore Rd until 0.3 mile distance is not covered. The last left turn will take you towards Shirland Road, where the nursery is situated. Details related to the route and its directions are available Here!

    By Bus:

    Bus is yet another convenient transport, because Fordingley Road (Stop MS) is situated in the vicinity of Dorothy Gardner Centre. Take route number 36 of Queens Park or 187 of Park Royal,  that will drop you nearby your destination.

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