List of Kurdish Restaurants in London

London is one of the most popular tourists destinations in the world where trend of eating out is alarmingly high. The restaurants are playing vital role in this regard, as these have become the important part of the civilization all over the world. A restaurant is a business, which serve different types of cuisines to customer in return of money. Kurdish cuisine style is broken down in numerous varieties of different regions in Kurdistan. Kurdish meal makes wide variety of food and vegetables, while Cucumbers are especially common. Fresh herbs are frequently used in various Kurdish dishes.

Here is the list of Kurdish Restaurant in London.


  • 1

    Minqala Azmir Restaurant

    Is great place for Kurdish Cuisines and the location of this restaurant was very good. It provides halad, Middle Eastern, Family Fare, Lebanese and Kosher food to its customers. It is good for the Romance and Local cuisine.

  • 2

    Tara Restaurant

    Is also very well known in London and the price range of different dishes is $10-$20 for lunch and dinner. The place is good family restaurant and is doing good business deals. It provides a Middle Eastern and excellent Lebanese food. The menu includes some amazing dishes like Fried Calamari and Banana Blossom Cakes worth $10 and Duo Pot Stickers cost $9.

  • 3

    Harman Restaurant

    Good place for authentic Kurdish food. If you want something unique and cheap then you will definitely love to visit Harman.

  • 4

    Nawroz Restaurant

    Provides a large variety of different Kurdish dishes to its customers and also earning a huge profit.

  • 5

    Arbil Restaurant

    Can become your ideal venue if you once try it. It serves delicious  menu to the food lovers who are looking around for the Kurdish meals to enjoy the actual taste.

  • 6

    Chnaroks Kurdish restaurant

    Provides authentic Kurdish dishes in a friendly atmosphere. Due to quality good services, restaurant is earning reasonable profit.

  • 7

    Mangal 2 Restaurant

    Best menu is offered among the Kurdish where you will find everything fresh,tasty, marvelous and served with elegance.

  • 8

    Sarchenar Restaurant

    Is also very well known in London and expert chef cook everything fresh and delicious that can fill anyone's mouth with water.

  • 9

    Cirrik restaurant

    Serves a selection of authentic Turkish & Kurdish cuisine.

  • 10


    Due to its cuisines and reasonable rates, this restaurant is among the top earning Kurdish restaurants in London.

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