List of Flower Shops in London for Valentines Day Bouquets

Valentine’s Day is an annual commemorative day celebrated on 14th of February. This day love birds exchange their sentiments and express love for each other. For this purpose they exchange gifts and flowers, as they are special part of Valentine’s Day. Red rose is famous for love and is being used on this special event to express sweet feelings to lovers. Flowers can grab one’s attention and leaves a positive impact for someone. Bouquets can make your partner happy and delightful. Flowers have their different colors and specific traditions, like red is considered as love, yellow for friendship and white for peace. On valentine’ Day red rose can be seen every corner of a streets of London.  There are numerous small and large flower shops in London who are perfect to buy flowers on Valentine’s Day. Some of them are listed below.


  • 1

    Rebel Rebel, flower’s specialist Company for décor on events, weddings, parties. They offer huge range of flowers and its décor arrangements. Rebel provides finest bouquets amongst famous flower shops.

  • 2

    OnlyRoses Mayfair offers on order bequests. You can order any color and any type of flower of your own choice to order. They provide you what you want on special day of Valentine.

  • 3

    Maida Vale Flowers offers latest designs for perfect flower gifts in different color and sizes. They are famous for their fine designs for especial events particularly Valentine’s Day.

  • 4

    Packer Jane Flowers Ltd is one of the most prominent florists. They make flowers master pieces and give them worth. On Valentine’s Day they are presented in order to make someone close to heart.

  • 5

    Flowers 24 Hours - London Florists offers wide range of Valentine’s Day special bouquets. They are open for 24 hours a day so if you forgot to get flowers for your sweetheart you can avail this opportunity.

  • 6

    Mode Flowers sends you special seasonal sentiments. They offer new fresh range of winter bouquets go get them fast for your Valentine.

  • 7

    Drake Algar are offering fabulous range of valentine bouquets. Every flower is classic piece of floras. You can buy all event based range from Drake Algar flowers.

  • 8

    Clifton Nurseries ‘Inspiring plant and garden ideasis their logo. They arrange flowers in very natural way and make tremendous bouquets, that one must visit them on Valentine’s Day.

  • 9

    Prestat Chocolates, as flowers and chocolates are perfect combination to get them for a girl on Valentine’s Day. So if you are going to buy something for your girlfriend then you must visit Prestat Chocolates.

  • 10

    Bloomsbury Flowers are best known for their inspirational Valentine’s Day. They select tulips, roses and freesia and many other blooming flowers.

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