Interactive Panorama View of London City Hall

Some people have the time and the money to see new places around the world and then there are others who either don’t have the time or the money and then there are those who like to plan their trips as detailed as possible.  These detail planners actually do research on the internet and find all they can about the places they will visit, before visiting.

Whatever your reasons maybe; if you want to find out more details about London City Hall, there is no better way to do it then to see the virtual tours developed just for you.  Please find below Steps you can follow to see the Interactive panoramas view of London City Hall.


  • 1

    You would need a computer and the internet.

  • 2

    To view the panoramas view you will need Java enabled on your PC. On some browsers when you first click on the link it will say “The Java plug-in needs your permission to run”  It will give you two choices 1. Run this time and 2. Always run on this site.  Choose the one you want and you should be ready to move on.

  • 3

    When you first click on any of the links below it will take a bit of time to load, so please be patient but once it loads, each panorama will start to rotate on its own.  Rotation is set at predetermined speed but If you want to take the control in your own hands – you can use your PC’s mouse to click and drag the image back and forth.

  • 4

    If you want closer view of any of the panoramas you can zoon in by using ‘A’ or “+”

  • 5

    If you want to Zoom out press ‘Z’ or “-“

  • 6

    Here are the available links to view;

    - Entrance to London City Hall’s Living Room: click here
    - From the top of London City Hall: click here
    - Inside London City Hall's Living Room: click here
    - On the London City Hall spiral stairs above the Chamber: click here
    - On the London city hall spiral stairs at 2nd floor level: click here
    - The London City Hall Chamber: click here

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