List of Criminal Lawyers & Attorneys in London

Watching TV shows gives Londoners the impression that criminal law is exciting and entertaining work. However, the truth is that criminal lawyers in London spend a lot of time dealing with paper work, filing motions, interviews and other litigation. That is why if you require a criminal lawyer you need to make sure they are organized, sharp and have experience. This will help you in court and also out of court in case of a settlement. Here is a list of criminal lawyers in London that you can contact in case you need advice or an attorney for hire.


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    Criminal Lawyers in London

    Mary Monson is firm that is specialised in criminal defence for people accused of any crime. They are working in England for last four decades. They have won some of the most complicated cases to support their high level of expertise.

    Old Bailey Solicitors are based opposite to the Central Criminal Court on Old Bailey in London. Firm has specialised criminal cases experts working in the courts for more than 20 years and have won some of the most popular cases of sexual harassments, terrorism, and murder.

    Corker Binning, deals in all criminal cases such as murder, robbery, ransom, sexual assault and many others. Their location is ideal in a sense that they are residing opposite to the Royal court of justice.

    Hodge Jones & Allen LLP is well established criminal law firm offering comprehensive range of criminal proceedings. Their professional yet sympathetic solicitors provide clients with a dedicated, specialist and high quality service.

    BSB Law was established a decade ago and since then has made its reputation as one of the best criminal lawyer in the London. The firm is committed to providing specialist criminal defence representation across the board.

    Morgan Brown & Cahill Solicitors have acted in many high profile criminal cases over the years and a wide range of services to offer their clients. They deal in deception, theft, robbery, rape, sexual assault, drug supply, attempted murder and many more.

    Tuckers Solicitors is recognised as England’s leading criminal defence practice, and should be the first choice for anyone facing a criminal investigation. The company has a special record to deal more than 15000 clients in a year and won most of these cases.

    Hylton Potts Legal Consultants started rendering their services in criminal affairs in 1999. They have top notch criminal lawyers who have reputation of taking case and closing it with winning remarks.

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    Criminal Attorneys in London

    Sweetman Burke & Sinker, practices Family and Criminal Law in London. The solicitors have a very personalized service and make sure to be with their clients every step of the way.

    Cramer Pelmont, is large firm with extensive experience in various fields of law in London. They provide criminal defense and other services including employment and family law.

    Morgan Brown & Cahill Solicitors, cater to clients dealing with deception, theft, robbery, rape, sexual assault, drug supply and attempted murder charges. Their extensive experience makes them very good in and out of court.

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