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In the year 2000 Todd Goldman introduced his brands of T-shirts by the name of David & Goliath. Basically Todd’s brand acquired eminence due to the humorous graphics on the shirts, this unique idea helped him in making his way towards the road of success. Todd followed only one rule which took him on the peak of popularity ‘make people laugh, whether they laugh with you or at you.’ When the line of T-shirts expanded he introduced variety of products, which includes accessories, sleepwear and stationary. Although he initialized his business with the collection of attire for girls aged between 14 – 24, but currently massive collection of men and children’s wear is also available. All over United Kingdom 5 retailer stores of David & Goliath are present, but in London two outlets are presently working and their head office is situated in America.

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    Branches of David & Goliath:

    If you are intending to buy funky yet trendy attire from David & Goliath, then take a look at the contact information of the retailer stores available in London:

    Location: 15 Carnaby Street, London W1F 9PN, United Kingdom, View Map
    +44 20 7434 9804

    Location: 4 The Market Place, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8RA, United Kingdom, View Map
    +44 20 7240 3640

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    Products and Services of David & Goliath:

    For men, kids and children, variety of attires are being created under David & Goliath’s brand name, which includes tees, fashion tops, PJ pants, PJ tanks and PJ boxers.

    Headbands, watches, belts, wallets, socks, shoes, key chains, fun stuff, you just have to name it, a huge range of accessories with hilarious animated characters are available.

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    Operational Hours of David & Goliath:

    Monday to Friday the store works between 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. On Saturday the store remains open from 9:00 am till 9:00 pm, while of Sundays the store opens at 11:00 am and closes at 5:00 pm.

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    How to Get to David & Goliath:

    By Tube:

    5 minutes walk is required to cover 0.3 mile distance between David & Goliath store and the nearest underground, Oxford Circus. In the south direction on Regent St/A4201 you will have to start your march and then head towards the Great Marlborough St. After covering 0.13 mile distance, head towards the Carnaby St and keep on commencing until you are able to wrap up 0.1 mile distance. The exact route for pedestrians is explained on Directions from Oxford Circus to David & Goliath Store.

    By Bus:

    3 minutes walk away Soho, Conduit Street Hamleys (Stop T) bus stop is situated. Route number 3, 12, 88, 94, 159, 453, N3, N109 and N136 makes a stop at this station.

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