How To Register A Death In London

A death of a person is a harsh and emotional time for his/her family members and friends. Many families and relatives find that death can also bring unexpected short term challenges, which includes burial, funeral services, caskets and other estate management concerns. In most cases, the family members of the deceased are distraught and they are usually not in a condition to look after these matters. However, with the help of friends and other relatives, most people are able to take steps to give their loved ones an honorable burial. One aspect of death that all people should be aware of is the registration of death. In a city like London, the death certificate is an important piece of document because it is required by funeral homes, insurance companies and government benefits to complete legal processes.


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    Registering a Death timeline

    In England and Wales, the rules state that a death needs to be registered within five days.

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    Following information is required to register a death:

    - Medical Certificate that states the reason of death
    - Birth certificate (optional)
    - Marriage Certificate (optional)
    - NHS card (optional)

    The registrar will also inquire about the following information:

    - Complete name of deceased
    - Maiden surname and alias
    - Date and place of birth
    - Last known address
    - Occupation
    - Details of surviving spouse
    - Details of state benefits or pension

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    Registering Online

    The quickest method to register a death in London is to do it online. The government provides an online form that needs to be filled out completely so that there are no delays. You can view the form by clicking here.

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    Local Register Office

    Another method to register a death is at the local Register Office. Use this tool to locate the correct Register office. This will speed up the process and save delays because of forms being sent to the right offices.

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    People allowed to register death

    The registeration of a death can be done by several different types of people. If the deceased was in the hospital or at home at the time of death then the following people can register:

    - Relative
    - Person present at death
    - Occupant of house where the death took place
    - Hospital officer
    - Some one who is taking care of the funeral

    For a death that occured any where else, the following people can register with the office:

    - Relative
    - Person present at death
    - Person who located the body
    - Person responsible for the deceased's remains
    - Some one who is taking care of the funeral

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    Processing Time

    It will take thirty minutes to register. If the body is not going through a post mortem then the relative will receive the following:

    - Certificate for burial or cremation; also known as a Green Form
    - Certificate of registration of death

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    Death Certificate

    One the registration has been completed, you can order a formal Death Certificate.

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