Thorpe Park in London

Thorpe Park is the second biggest theme park in United Kingdom and it is managed by Merlin Entertainments Group. This Park is the best place for thrill seekers, who visit it from different parts of the world, including London. Visitors of all ages are welcome in Thorpe Park where they can enjoy different rides that also include world’s highest and fastest rollercoaster ride. Due to its thrilling rides, exhilarating events, and electrifying night clubs, it attracts many visitors each year. In 2011, the number of visitors in Thorpe park touched 1.9 million and it became the joint second most visited amusement park in London together with Legoland Windsor.


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    History of Thorpe Park

    In the late 1970’s, the site of Thorpe Park was owned by Ready Mixed Concrete Limited company which had  a plan to open a park for educational activities. However, Ready Mix Concrete sold the site to CEMEX, which later opened its office within this site. Eventually in 1979, Thorpe Park was opened officially for the public by Louis Mountbatten. At that time, it was used for educational exhibitions such as the Model World. Later in 1998, Tussauds Group bought Thorpe Park and turned it an amusement site for teenagers and youngsters. In 2007, Merlin Entertainments Group took its rights and re-modified this park.

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    Things to do at Thorpe Park

    Thorpe Park has introduced several attractive facilities through which visitors can enjoy time with their friends and family.

    Colossus is a multilooping roller coaster available in the park that people go to for a thrilling ride.

    Tidal Wave had been the tallest ride in Europe until 2002. It is available in the park for visitors to savor!

    The Swarm is the first ever wing coaster ride installed in any park of the United Kingdom.

    Fright Nights is a famous scary night event that takes place in Thorpe Park each year.

    Saw - the Ride is a scary roller coaster ride that is themed around a horror movie.

    Thorpe Blast is a display of fireworks along with popular music which start after Fright Nights.

    Head Rush is a sporting event in which motorbike stunts take place.

    Under 18's Club Night is an event that is organized for visitors’ below 18 years of age where they can experience a club night with selected rides.

    Stealth is a modern rollercoaster ride with a maximum speed of 80 miles per hour which it achieves in 1.8 seconds.

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    Nearest Attractions

    Thorpe Park has a few attractions within its boundaries as well as several other sites in its surroundings. Below is the list of attractions within and outside the park.

    Sites in the Park

    - Medical Center
    - Buggies

    Sites outside the Park

    - Chertsey Museum
    - Bar 163
    - No Naked Walls Gallery
    - Gogmore Farm Park
    - Fleet Lake
    - Burger King

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    Operational Hours

    The opening hours of Thorpe Park vary throughout the year. Therefore, to know the exact timings, visit this link.

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    Contact Details

    In order to know anything related to Thorpe Park, you can call on the number listed below between 9:00 am till 5:00 pm.

    Contact: +44 871 663 1673

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    Staines Road, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8PN,England United Kingdom.

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    How to Get Thorpe Park

    Tube Station:

    There is neither a tube, tram, pier nor an overground station found near the park.

    By Bus:

    Thorpe Park, on Thorpe Park Grounds is the nearest bus stop from Thorpe Park because it is just 0.3 miles away from Thorpe park and this journey can be covered in 6 minutes on foot. When you exit from the bus stop, move in the south direction then take a right turn to reach a left one. From there turn right then turn left. Later on, take the last turn on left side and you will find Thorp Park on your left side. Direction from the Thorpe Park, on Thorpe Park Grounds Bus Stop to Thorpe Park.

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