List of Car Accident Lawyers in London

Road accidents are not rare in the streets of London and once an collision takes place, insurance companies are used to gain compensation. However, in some cases insurance companies do not cover or will pay for certain damages and that is when you need the help and assistance of a car accident lawyer. There are number of car accident solicitors practicing in the British capital and have hands on experience in this niche law practice. If you are looking for compensation for a road accident, always look to consult with reliable and well reputed car collision attorneys and lawyer firms. We have prepared a step by step list of the best car accident lawyers that can help you the next time you become a victim of some ones else’s mistakes on the road.


  • 1

    Innocent Injured, have a specialised team of lawyers each one having more than 10 years of experience in dealing high profile cases. They also offer personal injury claims.

  • 2

    Road Accident Solicitors, is team of specialised lawyers who have more made their name in the field of car accident claims. They provide claims to all, drivers, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist or many other that may involve in road accident.

  • 3

    Personal Injury Claims, are specialist in accident claims and provide in depth online information to Londoners. They have more than 50 lawyers to provide assistance.

  • 4

    Claims UK, can get you claim for personal injury, offer you a free replacement car or taxi and organise to have your own vehicle repaired. They offer all these services with an offer of free trial.

  • 5

    Work Accident and Personal Injury Claims London, is a lawyer firm that is specialised in the field of only car accident, personal and work injury claims.

  • 6

    The Accident Specialists, have a specialist team of lawyers to help the people suffering injuries from car accidents in London. They offer 100 percent compensation, no win no fee, and totally free service.

  • 7

    Hathi Claims Ltd, offer replacement of vehicle, repair in the event of an accident we offer recovery. They also provide services in personal injuries.

  • 8

    Champions Claims is a specialist law firm that provides services in car accident claims. They have qualified lawyers which have more than 10 years of experience.

  • 9

    David Phillips Partners Solicitors is a law firm with specialisation in legal advice of car accident claims, personal injury claims, and corporate frauds.

  • 10

    Edwards Davies work on a no payment policy and offer 100 percent comensation to all their car accident clients. They service London and Kent.

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