Canary Wharf Pier London

Canary Wharf Pier provides services to River Thames in London. Located in Canary Wharf district, the pier works and operates under London River service. The famous Rotherhithe Ferry which is operated by Thames Clipper also start travelling from the same spot and heads towards Hilton Docklands Nelson Dock Pier, a dock station of  Hilton Hotel. At present, the administration is planning to extend the pier to enhance its capacity up to three boats. The facilities that are being provided at this Pier include Wheelchair access and an underground car parking for the travelers.



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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops near Canary Wharf Pier London:

    Many visitors come Wharf Pier London on daily basis and in order to satisfy their hunger, or in case anyone wants a coffee for fresh start to workplace, can visit the following restaurants and coffee shops.

    Royal China, Camino, Zizzi's, Gaucho & Quadrato Restaurant.

    Coffee shops
    Cafe Brera, Pret A Manger & Starbucks.

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    Clubs & Bars near Canary Wharf Pier London:

    People who want amusement and entertainment with some music and their favorite drinks, can go to various clubs and bars nearby.


    The Grapes, The Clipper & Jamies.

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    Hotels & Accommodation near Canary Wharf Pier London:

    Visitors are accommodated with a wide range of hotels and accommodation at reasonable rates and opulence service, so that they can have a peaceful and tranquil overnight stay while is the surroundings of Wharf Pier London.

    Four Seasons Canary Wharf & Hilton London Islington Hotel.

    Other Accommodation
    Marriott Executive ApartmentsLondon,West India Quay, House Of Moli - Seacon Tower & Davies Court.

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    Sights and Attractions near Canary Wharf Pier London:

    If you guys are bored or feel to head out after a long boring work life, you can visit the following sights and attractions that are located within one mile distance of Canary Wharf Pier London.

    Museum of London Docklands, Surrey Docks Farm, The Pumphouse Educational Museum, Frontispiece Ltd, Prenelle Gallery & Lavender Pond Nature Park.

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    Educational Institutes near Canary Wharf Pier London:

    For those people who are living near Canary Wharf Pier, and are looking for an educational institute can avail the opportunity to study in well-known institutions near the location.

    SS Robin, Tower Hamlets College & Cyril Jackson Primary School.

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    Gift & Bookshops near Canary Wharf Pier London:

    If anyone wants to buy a present for someone, or if you have a hobby of reading books, you can visit the nearest book and gift shops.

    Gift shops
    Frontispiece Ltd, Goldsmiths & Scribbler

    Book shops

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    Health & Beauty Services near Canary Wharf Pier London:

    Health and beauty are the two things that should never be taken for granted, and people now a days are much conscious about their appearance and the way they look.

    LA fitness West India Quay & Thames CrossFit

    Kleins Hair & Beauty, Dove Spa & Urbanbeach.

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    Emergency Services near Canary Wharf Pier London:

    If anyone needs an emergency help against some threat or in case a fire breaks out and there is a need for fire brigade, you can contact the local fire and police departments nearby.

    Police Station
    Limehouse Police Station & Metropolitan Police Service

    Fire Station
    Millwall Fire Station & London Fire Brigade.

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    Hospitals & clinics near Canary Wharf Pier London:

    For those who are suffering from some medical issues or in case they need medical treatment, they can found any kind of medical aid and assistance within one mile distance of Wharf Pier London.

    BUPA Wellness Centre, Exceptional Health Ltd & Dental Visage.

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    Shopping Malls near Canary Wharf Pier London:

    People who want to have a bulk of shopping under one roof, can visit the nearest shopping centre, as it provides a wide selection of quality products and other services.

    Surrey Quays Shopping Centre.

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    Childcare Centres near Canary Wharf Pier London:

    If working parents are as concerned about their children as expected, and want someone to take care of their children with full responsibility, then they can visit the nearest childcare centres.

    Unicorn Day Nursery, Limehouse Arches Day Nursery Ltd, Riverside Childcare, Trinity Child Care & Poplar Play Centre.

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