London Travelcard v Oyster Card what is better

Travelcard v Oyster Card :

Whether you are a tourist or a local resident of London UK, what is the most cost effective way to travel in London, would be on your mind at one point or another.  How to travel in London using the public transport such as tubes using the London underground or the red buses could be the most cost affective and timely means of discovering London.  Although there are many choices but this answer is mainly focused on Oyster Card Vs London Travelcard.  The choice is simple, if you are staying for a longer period nothing beats the Oyster Card, which is why lots of locals living in London use it for their regular commute.  If you are just visiting and want to tour London for a day, Travelcard may be a better bet.

Oyster card has a purchase fee and then you put money ontop to travel where the travelcard doesn’t.  another advantage of travelcard is if you are a tourist who wants to visit local attractions, from time to time buying London Travelcard will get you buy one get one free entry to most of the local attractions.



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    Best way to travel in London is by using the London underground via tubes (trains).  These trains run in a subway type system under the city and is the fastest and I would say the cheapest way to travel in London.  They beat the rush-hour traffic, don’t get stuck in traffic and run every couple of minutes in the peak times and on regular intervals for the rest of the day.  Get yourself an Oyster card, which is an electronic top up card and can be used on public transport in London acting as a single ticket, period tickets and travel permits.


    Beat the Oyster card price and you got yourself a good deal.  You can purchase the oystercard or the travelcard from most of the underground stations.  Most of the regular travelers in London use Oyster Card to travel, because they know, at best oyster card is cheaper than the Travelcard and at worst same price as the Travelcard.



    For an adult traveling in London, the Oyster Card will always be cheaper or the same price as Travelcard for pure travel on a single day. However, for many short term visitors to London the Travelcard still may be the right product ...

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    Children under 18 – oyster card is government pushed card and anyone can purchase it but different rules apply.  If you don’t care about child fares you can buy any oyster card and it will work for adults and for children. If you have children under the age of 18 and you want to take advantage of child fair, you will need an Oyster Photo ID card in order to obtain child fares. If you are just traveling for a day, I would recommend 1 day Travelcard for those with children under 16.

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    No deposit - With Oyster Cards you have to pay a deposit and reclaim the deposit when you wish to surrender it. For people in town only for a day or so this can be a hassle. Travelcards you just throw way when they expire, there are no deposits.

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    2 For 1 Attraction tickets – if you want to save some money while doing sightseeing in London, I would suggest to purchase a London Travelcard from the Central London mainline railway station ticket office.  London railway is sponsoring a coupon, which enables 2 for 1 admissions to many of the main attractions in London like the Tower of London, the wax museum and loads of others popular attractions in London. This allows you to travel and see London with discount. Good luck.

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    5 Or More Days In Any 7 Days Traveling? – I understand where you are coming from, why pay for 7 days when you are only in town for 5 days but it makes sense when paying for seven days is cheaper then paying for 5 days.  People living in London know this well, if you are traveling 5 or more days in London then always go for a 7 day Travelcard because it is a way better value than a Pay As You Go Oyster Card.  I can explain the reasons but I don’t think you care why, answer to your question is buy yourself a 7 day travelcard and have fun.

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    Groups Of 10 or More Traveling Together - If you have a group of 10 or more people and you are traveling around London together, there is a special group ticket that is priced very attractively.


    You cannot get a group together and buy this ticket then go your own separate ways, though if you are a group of 30 you could buy three separate tickets.


    You can only buy this group ticket on the day of travel. For 3 days you would need a separate ticket for each day. You cannot buy this ticket in advance, before arriving in London.

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