How to Buy a Beauty Spa in London

With every passing day, new businessmen or beauty industry professionals are focusing on opening beauty salon or spa as it’s one of the on growing businesses. However, building a business from scratch has too many issues associated with it, so a fairly good idea can be buying a running business. Well, it is not hard to find already established beauty salon businesses in London because everyday a number of beauty salon business are available on sale and partnership as many of the owners cannot run them effectively.
Before moving forward to buy spa, keep in mind whether this salon will be able to compete with already established brands in the market or not. All what you need to consider is to make sure that you’re  buying right spa business and for this you need to know about the right process of finding and buying spa business. Here is a step by step guide that will provide you help in finding and buying a beauty spa business in London’s prime location for best price.


  • 1

    First of all decide how much capital you have and then decide what your needs are. For example:

    - What type of beauty services you want to provide in your beauty salon?
    - Do you want to focus both men and femals or want to focus only one gender?
    - Do you want to offer all services under one roof or want to focus on specific type of beauty services.

  • 2

    After you have decided about your needs, find a business broker which has good repute in business deals. Here is a list of buisness brokers in London that can help can provide proper guidance.

    (a) Hornblower Business Brokers Ltd
    (b) Sunbelt Business Brokers
    (c) R K Harrison Group Ltd

  • 3

    After choosing your business broker, tell him your requirements and budget range. Keeping your requirements in mind, he will try to find the best location and beauty spa businesses available on sale. You can select among his provided options.

  • 4

    However, if you are still not satisfied or you want to make your own search, you can make a search on internet. There are number of websites on internet that list business property on sale. Here is a list of some websites that are considered best in London for business sales.

    (a) Visit Business for sale Website

    (b) Visit Business 4 sale Website

    (c) Visit Business Sale Direct Website

  • 5

    After making a search, if you have reached to any decision about any Spa business available for sale in London, then you need to find a business valuator to assess the real value of the business. Here is a list of few business valuators in London.

    (a) BNP Paribas Valuation Consultants
    (b) Parmentier Arthur Group
    (c) Davis Martindale

  • 6

    After the valuator provide you the real value of the business, check all balance sheets, tax papers and real owner of the business to avoid problems in future.

  • 7

    Also check if the business is free from any debt or loan. If there is any issue of loan or debt, then ask the owner to clear it before taking over the business. If all the papers are in order, then move forward for a deal with the seller.

  • 8

    Once you will reach to any deal, then you will fulfil all legal papers and transfer the business to your name. At this stage you will need a solicitor or business transfer agent who will provide you legal help to keep you safe from any fraud or mishap. Here is a list of few business transfer agents in London.

    Christie + Co
    (b) Selsian Business Consultant
    (c) Abacus Business

  • 9

    After fulfilling all the property related verification and legal paper work, you will make payment to seller and the beauty spa will be yours. Now get ready to make it the best beauty spa of the London.

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