How To Report A Fraud Against Borough In London

As responsible citizens of a civilized society, it is incumbent upon us to not only adhere to the law but also report against anybody who is violating it. Noticing a trespass or fraud being done around you but not reporting it to the relevant person / institution will only encourage the fraudster to repeat the heinous activity. The right way is to report a fraud taking place against a victim / institution as soon as you notice it being done. The same holds true when the victim is a local council or a borough -but the only difference is that your method of reporting the fraud has to be a bit more formal. It is always better to get as much details as possible while reporting the fraud as it would be easier for the borough to apprehend the fraudster.


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    Common frauds

    Some frauds that you may notice being done to the borough include staff doing private jobs during official timings, or staff members giving undue advantage to a particular company or contractors by not adhering to the S.O.P of tender process. This also includes fake insurance claims or sub letting of council housing etc. However, if you feel that a criminal activity or offense is being done then it must be reported to the police.

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    If you prefer concealing your identity then you have the option to remain anonymous while reporting the fraud.

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    Reporting a fraud through telephone

    You may ring up your local borough office and report the fraud.

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    Reporting a fraud Online

    Many boroughs have an online report a fraud form on their website. You can report a fraud online by visiting the website of the local council and filling in their "report a fraud online" form.  

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    Writing a Letter

    Also, you can send a letter to the Borough and describe the fraud being done.

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