Short Term Flat Rental in London

While visiting London, one of the prior arrangements everyone makes is renting some place to live. Most people choose very costly London hotels because they find this option easier. This is because they just visit the website, book a room, and pay. But the best thing is to rent a flat or an apartment if you have plans to visit London for a week or so. It will reduce your per night cost, and you will be able to save a considerable amount of money on your food because in the apartment you will have a kitchen to cook your own meals. While if you pick a hotel, you will have to eat your meals from the hotel or other places and it will be a costly option. Following is the step by step guide for you to rent a flat in London.


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    To rent a flat you have two options; one is to visit a property agent’s website and go through the listings, but this is not a recommended option for short stays because it will involve the broker’s fees. The second and a better way is to visit some kind of a virtual property board like Craigslist. Here you can find hundreds of flats and properties listed for rent for a day, week or month. The best thing is that there is no commission or broker fee involved. You pay to the owner of the flat straight away.

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    If you would really like to live in a hotel, then the best alternative is to rent a serviced apartment. It is considered a hotel cum flat because it includes a kitchen and is cleaned and managed by the management. You can find the listings of serviced apartments on Craigslist.

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    For your safety, do not send the money in advance to individuals displaying properties on Craigslist. Make a deal with them and pay them when you reach in London.

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    Look for registered companies to rent a flat for you, and there is no harm to pay them in advance. Companies such as House Trip, Fox Tons and Trip Advisor are good options to consider.

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    Before paying the rent, make sure all of the utilities e.g. bills and internet are included in the price.

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