How to Travel from London to Belfast

Belfast is a city of North Ireland in United Kingdom. If you are intending to travel from London, the Capital of United Kingdom, to Belfast than you have several options to initiate your journey. You can either take a flight which is served by non-stop scheduled flights of two airlines in United Kingdom. Both of these lines have scheduled 9 to 15 flights in a day from different airports in London. Train is another fine option which is quite convenient and affordable as compare to taking a flight. Train tickets can be purchased from any train station in London or you can contact National Rail authorities for details. Another convenient way can be going there by bus or car via road. The total distance from London to Belfast is 438 miles which also includes the distance covered by ferry service during your journey.


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    By Road

    Includes Ferry Service, the distance to be covered from London (Central) to Belfast (Central) is 704.2 KM or 438 Miles on M1. You can hire a car to reach your desired destination. However, it will take about 9 to 10 Hours by car to reach Belfast from London. For further details regarding the route of journey, follow the Driving direction from London to Belfast.

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    Travel by Bus

    Bus Services are scheduled on regular basis to run from Victoria Coach Station in London. Around 13 to 15 hours are required to travel by bus or coach service to reach Belfast from London. The fare charged for one single ticket for an adult is £51.00.

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    By Train

    The train tickets can be bought from any rail station in London. Normally the fare charged for journey to Belfast from London is £25 Single/ £50 Return. If you have National Rail Card, then you will have to pay £16.50 Single/ £33 Return. In normal circumstances, train will take 12 to 14 hours to reach Belfast from London, depending upon the location of the station from where you are intending to take journey.

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    By Air

    The time required to reach Belfast from London by airline is approximately 1 hour 21 minutes. Two Airlines, Easyjet and Aer Lingus, are taking 9 to 15 flights per day from all airports of London.

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