Beddington Lane Tram Stop London

Beddington Lane tram stop is served by route 3 of tramlink service in South London’s Sutton area. The tram stop lies between Theramia Lane Tram stop and Mitcham Junction station. Opened in the year 2000, this tram stop has two platforms. The site of tram stop was previously used by a railway station which was abandoned in 1997, to be later used as tramlink stop. South Londoners use this stop for visiting other areas of London, and also use the amenities that surround this tram stop. These amenities include coffe shops, bars, schools, childcare centres and clinics. These amenities also benefit the visitors coming to Sutton via Beddington Lane tram stop.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops near Beddington Lane Tram Stop

    People of South London's suburbs visit the restaurants and cafes near Beddington Lane tram stop to savour the tasty cuisine and dishes.

    The Mill House, Bella Italiab & The Goat

    Coffee Shops
    Cafe Deli, Fat Boys Cafe Ltd & Savoy Cafe

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    Clubs & Bars near Beddington Lane Tram Stop

    Being a suburban area, Sutton has no nightclub and only a few bars present near the Beddington Lane Tram Stop.

    The White Lion Of Mortimer & Ravensbury Arms

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    Sights and Attractions near Beddington Lane Tram Stop

    The suburbs of South London have a vast tract of common land near tBeddington Lane Tram Stop. This common land is a place for outing not only for the local residents, but also for people visiting from other places.

    Mitcham Common

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    Educational Institutes near Beddington Lane Tram Stop

    Residents of Sutton can use the services of  any of the various schools present near the tram stop to help their child learn and acquire knowledge.

    The Archbishop Lanfranc School, West Thornton Primary School, The Sherwood School, Garden Primary School & Culvers House Primary School

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    Gift & Bookshops near Beddington Lane Tram Stop

    Since a vast tract of land is 'Common Land' near the tram stop, therefore no giftshop and only one bookstore is present close to it.

    CPI UK

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    Health & Beauty Services near Beddington Lane Tram Stop

    There is no fitness centre or spa in the vicinity of tram stop. However, a couple of beauty salons are there to serve the residents for beauty related purposes.

    Beauty Salons
    Helen's, Hughes Joanne & Cimarron Beauty

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    Hospitals & clinics near Beddington Lane Tram Stop

    If you are residing in the Sutton area, then you may contact any of the clinics mentioned below for medical purposes.

    Adp Dental, Tamworth House Medical Centre, Carroll & Madina & Wideway Health Clinic

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    Childcare Centres near Beddington Lane Tram Stop

    Working parents should get services of the below mentioned childcare centres if they're looking for somebody to take care of their child in their absence.

    Child Minder, Jam Kids, Spencer Nursery School, The Peppermint Childrens Centre, Norwood Carli & Nought To Five Plus Nursery

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