Rules to Visit Pubs in London

There are norms that need to be followed in every place. This code of conduct starts from home, to schools, colleges and even in the professional world. However, this code of conduct does not stop here, and needs to be followed even in restaurants and clubs. Every place has its own distinctive dos and don’ts that are expected to be adhered to. Starting from dress codes to behavior, one needs to be adept at those traits. The same way, if you are visiting London and are unaware of how to behave in pubs, there are certain characteristics that will make you stand out from the crowd – in a negative light – if they are not followed. But there’s no need to worry; read on to know how to behave in a London pub.


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    London is a very receptive place and that is why it is known for being a multi-cultural city that embraces diversified nationalities, religions and race. But if you are going to go to a pub and be rude to the waiters or others around you, the same treatment will be meted out to you. Be nice and courteous. This is sure to win you brownie points right at the start of your visit!

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    Don’t shout for attention. Londoners appreciate courtesy and nice behavior. Be rowdy and obnoxious and you will be looked at with contempt and disdain in no time.

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    London pub culture does not encourage tipping the bar staff. If you are in a restaurant, you can definitely do that – but not in a pub. A mere ‘thank you,’ will suffice. However, if you really ARE in a generous mood, you may tip the staff but it should be an exceptional incident.

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    In the pub culture of London, you are what you drink. Order something complicated and expect funny looks. Be in your 50’s and order what the young crowd is asking for, and you will be considered ‘weird’. Play safe and order just a beer until you let the environment and culture sink in, making you acquainted with it.

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    It is not wise to introduce yourself in a London pub. People are not there to exchange introductions, but to drink and maybe have small talk, taking advantage of the anonymity. You may never see them again – besides, after the third drink, neither will you or them remember one another’s names anyway!

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