List of Damp Proofing Services in London

If moisture is passing through the walls of your property and you need to secure your property from the rising damp, then Damp Proofing is the only solution for it. Although, there are a number of Damp proofing companies in London which provides their services at a very reasonable cost. However, the reliability and trustworthiness is the major concern when seeking any company to acquire the service. On top of that, quality of work is needed in order ensure that the prevention is guaranteed.

The article highlights some of the best Damp Proofing companies in London which can be contacted at the time of need.


  • 1

    Damp Proofing London South

    Is regarded as one of the finest organization which specializes in curing and preventing damp in the premises. Damp Proofing London South has highly qualified and experienced personnel from the industry and provides superior services at a reasonable cost.

  • 2

    Central Conversion Ltd

    Is a renowned company which is considered as the pioneers in the industry of damp proofing and wood preserving. Central Conversion guarantees the protection of the future when the property or the premises is suffering from dampness.

  • 3

    Ward Damp proofing

    Has become one of the famous companies in London due to successful damp proofing in the industrial and business properties. Ward Damp Proofing provides exquisite services all over the county including London. The qualified surveyors of the company determine the exact damage and the expert and highly qualified staff controls the rising damp in the best possible ways.

  • 4

    Thomas the Builder

    Offers top quality construction service at a very reasonable price compared to the other companies in London. Having 10 years of experience in the field of building services which also includes damp proofing, Thomas the builders have become a reliable company in satisfying the customer needs.

  • 5

    Rentokil Property Care

    Is the leading service provider in London and throughout the country for every kind of property care and control including Damp proofing.

  • 6

    Abbott Damp Proofing

    Is among the oldest companies in London which has been providing property care since 1982.

  • 7

    Peter Cox

    Has more than 60 years of experience in providing a range of property care services.

  • 8

    Timberwise UK Ltd

    Is one of the the leading damp proofing company in London and major cities of the country for its comprehensive and quality services.

  • 9

    Acumen Contracting Services Ltd

    Is a reputed Damp proofing company which provides top quality services for both small and large facilities. The company handles all areas in London which includes both commercial and domestic.

  • 10

    Guardian Damp Proofing

    Is a property care and treatment specialist which also offers professional Damp proofing services with experienced personal.

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