How to Market Restaurant using Social Media in London

The Restaurants that have a diminutive “Advertising and Marketing budget” and still urge to develop can still compete with their competition and make a name out for their business without even spending hundreds of dollars seems daunting now doesn’t it? Well we can say it was daunting back when the internet was not invented, because now there are more ways to advertise online then to advertise through billboards and brochures, also the added benefit is that you get more customers from online and its costs a hell a lot cheaper as well. People around the world are taking advantage of this marketing strategy it will not hurt anyone if you join in and have a little piece for yourself.


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    Making your Website

    The most needed asset to start of your plan would be to make a website; it will play a key role in marketing your restaurant by giving it a stand out presence on the web. If creating a website seems hard for you do consider featuring your restaurant on other websites, be sure to add your contact location to the website i.e. Contact no. and person, location, and operation timings. But you can also contact someone in your friend’s circle, family or even your staff that has the skills to create a website for you. Once your website is created do not forget to SEO (Search engine Optimize) it, that will help people in finding your restaurants website easily on Google and other search engines. And also try to create a website that is mobile phone friendly and can open up on mobile phones easily.

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    Sign up on Yelp as the business owner. Follow the (

    Fill out the following information:
    - 35 Character Headline.
    - The owner or manager First Name, Last Initials his Role at the business.
    - 140 Character Details.
    - What does the restaurant specialize in?
    - What year was the restaurant established?
    - Business Hours.
    - Special Offer or Upcoming Event.
    - What’s the history of the restaurant?
    - Upload photos of the ambiance, the food and people.

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    - Make an account on Foursquare with your company name. Follow the
    - Find your restaurant using built in search column.
    - Declare your company. They’ll need to call your establishment, be available.
    - Sign up for a Hootsuite account.
    - Google Reader Sign up for a Google Account.

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    Offers/Deals to promote in London

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    Online Menu orders

    It doesn’t matter if you deliver or not adding this feature to your website can really boost up your sales, having a menu online people can order by setting their pick up time also add a reservation tab so you don’t have any issue on bookings and everything.

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    One of the well known for auto-posting your blog feeds to twitter and ‘’Facebook’’ fan pages tumblr makes it really easy for you to blog with just a single click on multiple social media sites.

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    Get a twitter account and make your companies profile but remember if you are the owner we recommend that you make the account on your name and show your business in your assets select the shortest name of your brand that you can think of and start spreading the word by gathering followers for your business the more the tweets the more the business.

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    Sign into your profile page on facebook and create a company page through your profile send requests to your friends to join the restaurants page and spread the word get as many people to like your business as you can, do not forget to fill in all the tabs of your restaurants page add images of the cuisines you offer along with deal updates, this will help you get the crowd that you want.

    - You can create a Company page by following this link
    - You can also put up your restaurants advertisement on facebook to be featured just follow this ""

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