Hungarian Restaurants in London

Hungary has been long famous for its cuisine because it has influenced the time in which the Magyar-e-an people use to live. Livestock played a vital role in the nomadic lifestyle of the people as they were always moving from one point to the other the prominence of meat in the cuisine of Hungary might be reflected dishes that involved a lot of meat and cooked them on wood fire such as the goulash (herders meal) majority of the cuisine is cooked over open wood fire openly in a pot with stew like the spicy fisherman’s soup. If you want to live a part of the Hungarian cuisine these are the restaurants recommended by us.


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    Gay Hussar , serving in the city of London from the last 50 years Gay Hussar is well known for producing the Best wine and Hungarian cuisine around London.

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    The White Swan, the restaurant offers top class Hungarian cuisine as well as some of the finest wines in UK don’t be fooled by its exterior, it has a sectioned bar a pool table and a lot more, sure to give you an exquisite dinning experience.

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    Take it Eazy - Hungarian Cuisine, All the dishes are home made with care and affection straight from their Hungarian kitchen if you are looking for a home like dining experience take it easy is your place.

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    Sobranie Bar & Restaurant, Another restaurant that offers homemade Hungarian cuisine sobraine offers a pleasant atmosphere with a lovely and attentive staff, you spend some quality time with your loved one here as there is plenty of space to dance while listening to the pleasurable tunes of Russia.

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    Baltic Restaurant, Built in the 18th century by the former coach builders, it has remarkable forty foot wooden ceilings, that highlight the sky with clear lines its definitely does make your dining experience unique.

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    Vasco Piero's Pavilion, standing at 15 Poland Street from the last 40 years this elegant restaurant has been responsible for thousands of customers leaving the premises with a smile on their face. Don’t think it’s cheap that’s why, Prices are just about fair, the atmosphere, food and service is what make every customer smile.

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    Royal Court Theatre Bar, situated in the Royal court theater’s 19th centaury auditorium pit, once you enter the premises you feel as if you have stepped in a part of history, the ceilings and the surroundings give your vibes a relaxing comfort.

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    Gessler at Daquise, in the 1980,s era a family of Warsaw restaurateurs built one of the 1st self owned restaurants in London. They have their own brand of Vodka and currently trading it with their French cousin’s wine.

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    Fortnums, one of the oldest restaurant businesses in London opened for business in the year 1707 by Mr. Hugh Mason in St. James Market as just a small room. One thing is for sure they have not forget their past as when you enter the restaurant you can feel that you are still in a 1707 designed restaurant being in this restaurant is like having a trip back in time.

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    Royal Opera House , serving top notch up to date cuisine the Opera house restaurant give you an atmosphere with an elegance, the place offers you a wide array of freshly made Hungarian cuisine that you cant miss.

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